if i ..

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

If I want to sleep on the big green field,
would you stay and sleep beside me?

If I want to stand on these hot sand,
would you stay and stand beside me?

If I want to walk on this never ending path,
would you stay and walk beside me?

If I want to swim in this deep blue sea,
would you stay and swim beside me?

If I want to run away from these people,
would you stay and run beside me?

If I just want you to stay,
would you stay?

lil angel ♥

Monday, December 29, 2008

Last night when I was blogging, my relatives from Aussie arrived.

My uncle and auntie have 3 daughters and the youngest one is just ADORABLE!!

After my dad tapao noodles and wantan from the mee stall for them, the lil girl was saying 'mian mian!' (which means noodle) to me and I was SO DEFEATED BY HER CUTE-NESS!!


That's all I can say when she's cute and today I managed to snap some shots of her before they go to KB to visit my aunt's parents =D

Her name is Zhi Lih by the way. I'm not sure of the exact spelling and I don't know if she got any english name =p The eldest is Chui Lih and second is Xuan Lih.

Another relatives from Aussie are arriving on the 6th Jan and my uncle and auntie told us that my cousins (2 boys) are quite tall. The eldest one is playing for the state's basketball team. I wonder how do they look like now 'coz they were VERY VERY cute when still lil boys =D

I took the pictures when she's outside playing with the eye mask =D

And I can't never let the chance of taking pic with her slip away just like that! Even if the way I smile is a bit weird .. -___-"

I don't feel really well at the moment ~

I'll be in dreamland soon .. see you guys there!

You're already a voice inside my head.

with me.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Yesterday was a BUSY day for me but I love it at the end of the day. HEHE!

Morning I went to Muara with Leon for some family business and I've been on the road for almost the whole day =_=" Have some pity on my already-super-big-ass people!

In the afternoon I went to KB for some pampering session, again =D I 'steamed' my hair and had a foot spa =D

That looks VERY good, no?

I loive bubbles!

And how can I forget about pedicure!?

I LOIVE colours!

At night, we went to Fiq's crib for his advance b'day =D

The best thing about the party isn't him, it's his maid .. who did all the BBQ for us and all we did was wait for the food to be cooked ^^ Best BBQ! Haha!



For sure lotsa pics to show you peeps! He's such a vain arse =)

Beware: Some pics are meant to be ugly so be prepared XD

Only last night then I understand Guitar Hero. Cool shit! =p

By the way, my lappie is considered 'okay' now .. I don't know how Sean managed to fix it. Famazing I must say!

BUT, I'm still using Leon's lappie =D HEHE. I just heard this song from his WMP and I like it! Imma steal his songs SOON *evil smile*

Enjoy the song people! =D

With Me - Sum 41

With Me - Sum 41

I don't want this moment
To ever end
Where everything's nothing, without you
I'd wait here forever just to,
To see you smile
'Cause it's true
I am nothing without you

Through it all
I've made my mistakes
I stumble and fall
But I mean these words

I want you to know
With everything, I won't let this go
These words are my heart and soul
I'll hold onto this moment you know
As I'll bleed my heart out to show
And I won't let go

Thoughts read unspoken
Forever in vow
And pieces of memories
Fall to the ground
I know what I didn't have so
I won't let this go
'Cause it's true
I am nothing without you

All the streets,
where I walked alone
With nowhere to go
Have come to an end


In front of your eyes
It falls from the skies
When you don't know what you're looking to find
In front of your eyes
It falls from the skies
When you just never know what you will find
(What you will find [x4])

I don't want this moment
To ever end
Where everything's nothing, without you

[Chorus x2]

Lyrics from here.

Always waiting,
for you to come.

officially sick.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

I am now officially SICK.

I have bloody flu, sorethroat & cough. DAMMIT!

I did another spring cleaning, my room this time =D I wiped everything ~ imagine all the dust around me tadi ==" I re-arranged my clothes and gave away the clothes that don't suit me anymore and changed the bed sheet and Imma do some decorations on the wall with pictures! =D Might cut out some magazines stuffs .. my room is pretty boring ya know ~

Anyways, I'm very statisfied with my room right now ^^

While cleaning my stuffs, I found this ..

Sweet ey? Hehe!

.. and this thing came out of no where.

It was alive actually. I think I suffocated it as I used a plastic cover to trap it. I was thinking of a way to torture it after I'm done with the cleaning but I didn't expect my cleaning to end at 1a.m.

Yes, it ended at 1a.m. & I start cleaning at ..around 4p.m. I think. And yes, I'm a meanie 'coz I wanted to torture it!

I just had some meds, sooner or later I'll be blaaaa and need to sleep badly.

We all shall meet in dreamland!

Nights =D

i'm just tipsy.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Hello people!

Sorry for not updating lately. My lappie is in a severe condition and I've been treating her with patience but until last night I beh tahan & I really really wanted to blog and so now I'm using my bro's lappie to blog. And I just remembered there're some tags that I haven't done. Argh!

Gimme some time taggers ;)

Anyways, I think my lappie really died on me. I can't seem to boot it so .. yea. Hmm. Pictures & stuffs. All gone. Perfect. On Christmas some more. Double perfection. Blaa!!

I had fun for the past few days.

Monday was Kok How's birthday & we ordered a bouncer at his place =D


Despite all the fun, some of us got some cuts & bruises while playing ==" and I'm one of the victims. My right ankle is slightly swollen & my wrist has a cut that bleed for quite a while on that day. Ding's the worst! Her toe ..

Yea, pretty bad!

I'm lazy to post other pics here .. check it from my facebook! ;)

My Christmas eve was okay =)

I went to BSB with Fiq around 5pm & did some stuffs & had dinner at McD with his bro. I know I know, it's such a bad dinner 'coz I was stuck with that ass!

HAHA! Fiq ¬ you know I'm just kidding ;)

We kept on bumping into an old classmate of ours. Even on the way back. Fate ey? Or is it that Brunei is just too small?

I went to Peanut's place once I've reached Seria and we count down there =)

We had a bit of lami, card games & drinks and they thought I was drunk!

Hey, I'm just tipsy. I get red easily, you know why? I got good blood circulation laa!! And I'm hot as fire, that's why you guys can't stop saying that I'm hot ;) Hehe!

After 12am, we went to Yuyu's place to hangout & we watched Miss Universe 2008. Then we went out to have a bit of fresh air and went a lil bit crazy ..

That's how I spent my Christmas Eve & early morning on Christmas.

To: You-know-who-you-are,

I'm sorry for what I said.

And I thought that I'm special.

Merry Christmas!

Jinlge bell .. jingle bell .. jingle allll the wayyy !


Enjoy this jolly season with all your loved ones to the max ;)

dear santa
i wrote you a letter
i wonder if you ever read it
i've only one wish that i'll ask you
and it's the same old thing
as every other year

this year i can't say i've been perfect
i'm pretty sure i've got
a regret or two
but santa please don't hold it
against me
cause this year i'm counting on you
to ...
bring me, bring me love oh
santa bring me, bring me love oh
bring me love

as a child i remember dreaming
of all the beautiful things
that you can create
but i can have all the toys in
the world and it still
wouldn't mean a thing
can you bring me, bring me.. love
santa bring me, bring me.. love

i've been patient
i've been waiting so long
hoping, praying,
just tell me that you heard me
just this once..

can you bring me, bring me love oh
santa bring me bring me love oh
tell me the time has come
that there is someone
waiting for me too
so santa bring me, bring me love.. oh..
bring me love *

And not to forget ..


Bet that you're partying & having a great time over there =)

May all your wishes come true hawtie !


All I want for Christmas is you.

little princess.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

In the afternoon, when I was sending my WaiPo back home after she bought fruits from Millimewah ..

WaiPo: *canton* That JieJie aa ~ so 'soi' one. Small Uncle asked her if she wants to go home, he can send her back home ma.. Then she said she doesn't want to ikut his car!
Me: O.O *canton* why le??
WaiPo: *canton* 'Coz she thinks his car lauya so don't want to follow.

Then I talked with my lil sis when I reached my WaiPo's place .. By the way, my uncle's car isn't THAT bad. Just the paint came off =="

(P/S: I must use Mandarin here.)

Me: Jie, zo mok ni bu yao gen Xiao QQ de che??
Jade: Wo bu yao le!!
Me: Zo mok le! Zhi shi na ge qi tuo liao maa ~
Jade: Wo xi huan zhuo zhe ge che ma ..
Me: Ni shi da xiao jie ha?? Yi ding yao zhuo zhe ge che meh!!
Jade: Wo bu shi da xiao jie le! Wo shi xiao jie!!
Me: =="

Okay, to peeps who don't understand Mandarin ..

I asked Jade why she doesn't want to sit in my uncle's car & I guess it's because the paint of the car came off and that's why she doesn't want to sit it. I KNOW, VERY PRINCESS KAN! Then she said she prefers Vios & I asked her if she's a 'da xiao jie', which means 'princess' basically or 'big miss' .. Then she said she's 'small miss' =="

Did nothing much today & I finally cleaned my parents' room. It's a disasterrrrrrr! But it's all done now & I'm very the tired.

I shall leave you peeps here!


I wonder ..

forbidden love.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

7th January 2008:

Hi baby. Sorry about last night.
Can we meet again tomorrow night?
Let me make it up to you ..

I love you ..


"This has to stop .. " thinks Natalie.

It's been months, she still couldn't let him go.
She loves him, very much.

. . . . . . . . . . .

29th Spetember 2008:

Natalie .. please don't leave me just like that.
I know you love me and I love you too ..
Can't you give me just one more chance to talk it out with you?

I love you I love you I love you .. with all my heart.


. . . . . . . . . .

3rd October 2008:

I think it's better if you go back to your wife and be faithful to her, while I be faithful to my husband.
Everything about us is just sex! And nothing else!

This is not what I want.
Call me selfish, I just don't want to hurt myself over & over again.
Nothing's gonna work .. no matter how much we talk.
This has to be stop.


love lockdown.


WOOPS! Sorry, I just farted =D

I just got back from BSB not long ago, went to Chempaka to 'bai bai'. Nabehhhh ~ si beh tired ==" Anyways, hope everything will be good after bai bai =)

Yesterday EARLY MORNING .. like around 5am, me & Laopo finished watching My Bestfriend's Girl. After that, we cleaned up stuffs .. then, we danced around the small table. Yes, DANCE.

We were jumping up & down and danced like fools but it's fun. YOU GUYS SHOULD TRY! It's good for your health ya know ~ ;)

We went to Miri and did some shopping. I didn't manage to buy any baju for CNY though ~ I bought 2 tee, 2 necklace & 2 gladiator sandals =D


Maybe I should buy/make a Toga dress .. or just a nice casual dress =D HAHA!

Like this ..

Images from Google.

There's still this one gladiator sandals that I want, just like JingMei's! Nice laaaaa! ROARR! I want!

Gila shopping liao me =="

Oh yeaaa ~ I pierced my ear, again. On the left side ..

Not the one on my tragus, the ones on the urm .. helix (correct ka?) are the new ones =D

I did say that I wanna pierce it again in here, so yea .. I did it =) I feel good every time after I pierce. Since secondary, I take piercing as a way to release stress.

I'm still thinking if I should pierce my eyebrow. Anyways, I planned to get something 'super duper nice' for myself but I didn't. Maybe next year in KL. Let's see ~

I was playing with a quiz that Billah sent me in Facebook .. then the bloody result told me the 'summary' of the movie ..

"Isabella "Bella" Marie Swan is an average, clumsy, accident-prone girl who moves from Phoenix, Arizona, to Forks, Washington, to live with her father, Charlie. Though many boys are attracted to her when she arrives, she falls in love with Edward Cullen, a mysterious boy she discovers to be a vampire. In an attempt to protect Bella from his dangerous lifestyle, Edward leaves her. Bella falls into a depression and is comforted by her friend, Jacob Black. She comes to love Jacob as well, though not as deeply as she loves Edward. She eventually marries Edward and, after giving birth to their daughter Renesmee, becomes a vampire. After her transformation she has the ability to shield her and others' minds from mental attacks."


Bloody hell ==" And no Billah, I ain't blaming you ;) Don't worry. Hehe.

I can't stop playing this song on my iTunes!

The chorus is stuck on my minddddd ~

Love Lockdown - Kanye West

If you wanna watch it in youtube, click here!

I'm not loving you, the way I wanted to
What I had to do, had to run from you
I'm in love with you but the vibe is wrong
And that haunted me, all the way home
So you never know, never never know,
Never know enough, 'til it's over love
'Til we lose control, system overload
Screamin' "No! No! No! N-No!"
I'm not loving you, the way I wanted to
See I wanna move, but can't escape from you
So I keep it low, keep a secret code
So everybody else don't have to know

So keep your love locked down
Your love locked down
Keepin' your love locked down
Your love locked down
Now keep your love locked down
Your love locked down
Now keep your love locked down
You lose

I'm not lovin' you the way I wanted to
I can't keep my cool, so I keep it true
I got somethin to lose, so I gotta move
I can't keep myself, and still keep you too
So I keep in mind, when I'm on my own
Somewhere far from home, in the danger zone
How many times did I tell ya fo it finally got through
You lose, you lose
I'm not lovin' you, the way I wanted to
See I had to go, see I had to move
No more wastin' time, you can't wait for life
We're just wastin' time, where's the finish line

So keep your love locked down
Your love locked down
Keepin' your love locked down
Your love locked down
Now keep your love locked down
Your love locked down
Now keep your love locked down
You lose

I'm not lovin you, the way I wanted to
I bet no one knew, I got no one new
I know I said I'm through, but got love for you
But I'm not lovin' you, the way I wanted to
Gotta keep it goin', keep the lovin' goin'
Keep it on a roll, only God knows
If I be with you, baby I'm confused
You choose, you choose
I'm not lovin' you, the way I wanted to
Where I wanna go, I don't need you
I've been down this road, too many times before
I'm not lovin' you, the way I wanted to

So keep your love locked down
Your love locked down
Keepin' your love locked down
Your love locked down
Now keep your love locked down
Your love locked down
Now keep your love locked down
You lose, you lose
You lose, you lose
You lose

Lyrics from here.

I gotta shower now before I pengsan ..

Nights people! =D

It's getting near .. =)