messy me & contact lens.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008


I got my new lens from Kah Ming and Belle just now !! WOO HOO ~ GO SYE LIH GO SYE LIHHH ~ !! I ordered it from their friend but I haven't bank in the money to the seller ==" Shit. KK got Public Bank one ka? o.O I'll post up pics of before and after wearing the lens =D Can't wait to do so! I gotta get new solution for lens & also new casing. I'm afraid that the casing I have now might be contaminated by my red eye ==" So, to be safe .. yea ~

If you're interested in the Korea lens .. click here. The seller, MB, also got sell bags .. I SO WANTED TO GET ONE!! But bo lui ~ so .. better just dream saja. Sighs.
Last night when I was going to sleep, I realised that my room is SUPER DUPER UBER messy!! Here's the bloody proof:

My messy bed with clothes and everything.

Apa-apa 'lapsap' (rubbish) also have.

Closer look. xD
Mau pengsan??

My chair ..
With baju, seluar, skirt & BRA.

My desk.
Bags, mags, food, tees, hanger, files etc..
If you can name everything that can be seen or not,
I'll give you a piece of my biscuits.

My fave nail polish at the moment!
Bright pink from TheFaceShop.

I had this before I go to sleep.

Got it from Seria Soon Lee.
Last time my love intro this to me and I fell deeply in love ~

KK tomorrow! x) Damn excited! But gotta wake up early ==" Pfft ~ Still haven't start packing my luggage .. and I gotta clean my room later! I don't want to come back and face these mess!
I've just restore my iPod. Lucky that it's okay today ==" If not, the journey to KK will be super duper uber boring coz Dadee they all will be listening to radio or their oldies. *pengsan* With me iPod, I'll be listening to my 'dance, dance, dance' and 'lullaby'. HAHA! I'm listening to this song by DJ Tiesto, 'In the Dark'. I loike! I kept on playing this song x)

When it seems
Like the world around you's breaking
And it feels
Like there's no one else around you
And it's quiet
There's a silence in the darkness
And it sounds
Like the carnival is over

As you walk
In the crowded empty spaces
And you stare
At the emptiness around you
You wanna go
To the city and the bright lights
Get away
From the sinners that surround you

Cause I will be there
And you will be there
We'll find each other in the dark
And you will see
And I'll see you too
Cause we'll be together in the dark

Cause if it's coming for you
Then it's coming for me
Cause I will be there
Cause we need each other in the dark
And if it terrifies you
Then it terrifies me
Cause I will be there
So we've got each other in the dark

As I look into the sky
There's sparks bright as ice
You want me to take you over there
I want you to stay with me
Cuz you're not the only one
The only one

No, no
Don't worry
You're not the only one

Cause if it's coming for you
Then it's coming for me
But I will be there
Cuz we need each other in the dark
And if it's panicking you
Then it's panicking me
But I will be there
So we've got each other in the dark

In the dark
In the dark
We'll need each other in the dark

In the dark
In the dark
We'll hold each other in the dark

Now we're saved together in the dark

Cause we've got each other in the dark

Why can't Dj Tiesto come Brunei and have a rave party huhhh?? Wait .. can we even have RAVE PARTY here?! Sighs sighs. BB .. other than Borneo Bulletin, it means Boring Brunei.

It's 4pm now .. gotta pick up JiaYau .. NOTTT!! I'll pick him a bit later. Muahahahaha! Been in and out the whole afternoon.Later 4.20pm baru pick him then send him home then tarus pick Mamee and off we go to Helen. I'm gonna ask Ah Bi to cut my fringe (again). Miss my fringe la!

Oh .. Guess what?? IT'S MY HOT CHICK 1 PUNYA 20TH BIRTHDAY!!

Hope you'll enjoy your big big day ~
Hugs and Kisses to you =D

Hmm ~ lately .. I'm kinda like going back to my goth/punk style. Like back in 2005 when I'm so obssess with black shirt, black plastic bracelet. And O'm wearing it now. Lols! Only my nails aren't black .. coz I haven't buy new black nail polish. XD Whenever I can, I'll wear dark dark eyeliners. Hmm hmm ~ I like that. Hahaha! But hey, I still got my feminine side. When I told Fung this ..

Fung: Good, I like you with punk style. It's very 'you'.
Me: =="

(P/S: When we're in KL shopping, I kept on looking at girly clothes & Fung was soooo not used to it!)

And this reminds me of last week when I'm on the way back from the CopyNice interview at Kiulap, me and Mamee were talking about boys .. around me. Hahahaha! I don't remember much .. but I remember this:

Mamee: No guys wanna chase you because you look wild and macam play girl. Guys are afraid to be with you liao.
Me: MANA ADA WILD?! Okay laa .. I admit I got those so-called-wild-looks since Lez and Boi said it too last time. But I'm very nice one okay!

Ada gik dao? Haha! We're as lame as ever =="

(P/S: I just realised that .. my blog is always long and mixed and match punya the content. HAHA!)


It's 1.34am now & I've just finish packing my luggage. Phew! I'm very tired but still wanna blog. Yeaps, crazy, that's moi.

After I picked up Mamee, we kinda chit chat about a salon girl who married to the ex-salon owner's husband (they got divorce last year). Not sure if it's true ~ heard that they got married but they weren't living together yet coz they're afraid the guy's kids wouldn't like it. We'll never know what's on kid's mind. Then my mum said that kids watch too much fairy tales, especially the ones with negativity like Snow White & Cinderella.

You know why? Yeaps, because they got step-mother and the author made the step-mother the bad person (& also the step-sisters) so kids have the idea of "Step-mother is a bitch witch." Now, do you see how scary can these kind of fairy tales be to our kids' mind? HAHAHAHAHA!

I didn't get to go to Helen in the end. When we're on the way, Dadee called Mamee and asked her to accompany him to go Delima 'coz he's very tired and he needs somebody to be with him just in case he fell asleep (happened a few times but Mamee woke him up) & I ikut-ikut also. Damn regret that I ikut!! I should have stay back in Seria and pergi cari my love!! Ishhh ~ not gonna see my love for few daysssss ~


When we reached there, we kept on looking for salon. Zeeleny or WHATEVER-NAME is the only salon we saw .. we didn't see the BETTER ones. Fuck man. Everything sucks in that saloon .. WELLL ~ I like the girl who washed my hair though, just for her massage and that's it. Wah liaoo ~ the lao ban niang looks like a witch la!! Her lips are SUPER DUPER UBER DARK okay!! Too much ciggies liao this auntie ==" Anyways, the shampoo girl doesn't know how to blow dry okay! Chin chai chin chai blow blow like that! My hair is still wet then she straighten liao =="

And the lao ban niang, she said that me and my mum's haircut isn't balance and we should let her cut.


Our haircut is layer okayyy ~ !! Stupid laaa ~ !! No matter what, I think Ah Bi's still the best for my hair =D She knows what to do with my hairrrrrrr ~ Sighs, I miss her now!!

Time to hit the bed noww ~ ZzZZZzzzzZZzZzzz ~

(P/S: Dear Buddha, please let me see 'him' in my dream tonight)

scary eyeball.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Guess where am I now?? I'm at Zuki limteh loo ~ HAHA! People who aren't at Brunei at the moment .. sure miss Zuki one ~ JEALOUS OF ME KANN? XD Whatever Sye Lih =="

I didn't wash get to wash Vios just now. 'Coz after I blog .. I went t my room to check my right eye coz I felt that it's kinda swollen and I thought it's my eyelid. When I check, it isn't the eyelid then I saw the eye discharge so I thought it was it. But when I look into the mirror and double check my eye again .. IT WAS MY FUCKING EYEBALL!! Try to imagine the white part of my eye is swollen while the iris is still the same!!! FUCKING SCARY OKAY!!! I took few pictures of it but it wasn't that clear =="

This is my PERFECT & BEAUTIFUL left eye.

I know it isn't clear ..

It really is like POP out like that!!!

Then I called my mum and said she has to send me to hospital. But in the end we didn't go coz the swollen went away itself. THANK GOD!! Before picking up my mum from work, I already packed my stuffs for overnight at hospital okay ~ !! HAHAHAHAHA!! I thought I'm going to have some eye surgery or what ==" Then I did some googling and found that a girl also had a problem like mine. But the doc just gave her some antibiotic eyedrop to make it go away.

OMFG. Please don't let it happen again. I KIOK SUDAH NIII ~ !! >.<

Anyways, I gotta go anytime soon ~ So I'm OUT!!

(P/S: My right eye is still a bit red T__T & the inner corner punya eyeball is also swollen in the pictures ==")


After a nice shower, a bit of mani & reapply my nail polish .. I'm back here for another continuation of post. XD Other than blogging, I'm watch this old movie 'I Love You, I Love You Not'. And guess what?? JUDE LAW IS IN IT!! A younger Jude Law that is .. Hahahahaha!

You can find it out from here & here. Jude Law was a meanie ass though in the movie. Pfft!

I've decided to go KK with my parents & uncle =D due to some reason .. & Steph isn't going too. How can she have fun without me?? Tsk tskk ~ ! Hahahahaha! Today I 've learn that .. LOOKS ARE SUPER DUPER UBER DECEIVING!! Damn disappointed laa ~ Hais! How can la!!! EEEE ~ !!

After dinner, me and Mamee were washing and wiping the dishes.

Mamee: Eh, you got see the bag or not??
Me: What bag??
Mamee: Nohh ~ the one inside the plastic bag right beside the table one.
Me: No wor ~ why? Whose bag is it??
Mamee: Feipo lo .. Your 3rd Aunt gave it to her.
Me: What? I try to see see the bag.

After I saw the bag, pretending to watch tv and went back to the kitchen.

Mamee: Anahh ! I know that's the one you like.
Me: Don't care aa! Must go KK buy one. Why so sudden 3rd Aunt give her a bag aa? Last week was Feizi, they gave him a watch. Why didn't I get any present and I'm the best kid in the house aa??? It must be the end of the world soon, that's why they are so nice now.

Then we talked a bit more then stopped.

Me: *in thoughts*
Mamee: Eh, still got many socks haven't wash ..
Me: *interrupt* It must be the end of the world soon! That's why they are so nice coz they want to do more good deeds so they can go to Heaven.
Mamee & Me: *laugh*

Wah liaoo ~ my 3rd Uncle & Aunt are kinda(very) the sombong one eh. Pfft ~ ! I'm not being sour grape but it's true. Si beh sombong! Don't know how to tell 'coz there're too much too tell .. so .. yeaa ~ they are sombong. Lols!

Oh god ~ it's very the late late liaoo ~ gotta go to lala land again ~ OR ELSE, I'm afraid that my eyeball will swollen again.



Muahahahaha ~ !

I feel sooooo energetic today =D I slept till 12.29pm. Oh yea, oh yea ~ !! My 'battery' is on FULL mode ~ ngieh-hehehehehe ~ !!

These are the videos I said:

If you hear that weird 'shiiiiiii' or whatever noise ..
that's me controlling my laughing =="

Stupid Jade threw the puppy back into the buruk box =="

Kawaii kan?? =D

This is super annoying ..
Lucky I wasn't in the car with them ..
Or I'll shout at her .. LOUD.

Now I'm in total confusionnn ~ I'm thinking if I should go to KK with my parents & uncle or not this Thursday. 'Coz on last Sunday, after the bball match, Uncle Han Cheok (I don't know how to spell his name ==") asked me to go Miri with them coz it's his friend's b'day. A part of me wants to go KK to relax, on the other hand, I wanna go Miri for clubbing!! But but but ~ like Steph said .. if we're going with some 'random' (as in unknown) people, we wouldn't have much fun. But if I'm going to KK, I can shop (not much though, for sure!) Hmm ~ Most probably I'll go KK. I didn't go KK for YEARS. I didn't join my family's KK trip during last year's X'mas. I still wanna think some more ..
Last Saturday, after finish limteh with my mum at Universal, she asked me to go buy BB. I went to this kedai runcit, Seng Heng, near Universal. When I was really young (and also cute, adorable, sweet, innocent etc.), I used to live in Seria town, right upstairs of my family's shop. So ~ almost everyone in town knows me and they called me ... okay, my PET NAME. Even till now they still call me that ==" And my dad as well.
ANYWAYSS ~ back to the story. When I was paying for the newspaper, the aunties didn't recognise me. And I was thinking "For sure they thought I'm a Malay girl and couldn't recognise me." So I just kept quiet. AT THE VERY SAME MOMENT, Mamee was right outside the shop. They said hi to my mum and I walked to her side ..

Auntie 1: Ha! Your 2nd daugther aa??
Auntie 2: Aiyo, I thought she's some Malay girl aa!!

Me: *smile* + =="
Mamee: *laugh*
Auntie 2: Wah, very big liao ho!
(Talked a bit more then we left)

In the car ..

Me: $##$%^%$#$#$@@#@$#@##$
Mamee: *laugh some more*

ADEH!! AUNTIES!! OPEN EYES BIG BIG WAA!!! I'm Chinese !! C-H-I-N-E-S-E!! To be more specific, I'M MIXED WITH DUSUN BOLEH?! Dark skin plus big eyes don't mean that I'm M-A-L-A-Y!!

Sighs. I got LOTS of that experience ==" Like once in Miri, I went to this kedai runcit (again) to buy water and sweets, I paid with RM50 then this auntie cakap BM to me saying that got smaller change or not. Then I said: "Urm, I don't have le." in Mandarin. Then she was like O.O

Then last time in SMSA, in Math class, Hakeem or Hakim (?) Omg, I don't know how to spell his name!!! He helped Miss Tor to give back our homework, when he was giving back mine .. he was like "Nikki .. Ch .. Chi.. Chiaaa" & so I raised my hand (he was right beside me) And thenn ~

Hakeem/Hakim: Ah? Cina ka??
Me: =="


Even some of my CCMS friends couldn't recognise me the first day in SMSA and thought some Malay girl waving hands to them ==" Fuck! This reminds me of Syafiq and Lieslie's experience.

He was riding a taxi with his dad in KL and the taxi driver is a Chinese uncle. I think the taxi driver asked whee did they come from and they said from Brunei.

Taxi Driver: *in Mandarin* Wah! From Brunei eh, must earn more money from them!
Syafiq: *in Mandarin* Uncle, you're trying to cheat our money is it?
Taxi Driver: *shock* Wah ~ your son knows how to speak Mandarin aa??
Syafiq's Dad: Yea, he studied in Chinese school since young.

HAHAHAHA! I LMAO AA!! XD From this, sometimes I think maybe if people mistaken me as Malay is also good, so probably some Chinese people will just gossip stuffs right in front of me and .. I earn some gossips? Muahahaha! Just like Nana does! Lucky for them that they learn Chinese since young =)

(P/S: Dear malay friends, if next time you got your own kids, send them to Chinese school okay? From the experience above, you should know why. Hahahahaha! I'm just kidding.)

First experience:
She went out with her Indon friends in KL and they were all laughing and talking all the way. I think they're in a shop. They were talking in Indon language.

Salesgirl: *in Mandarin* Ish, Very noisy eh!
Lieslie: *turns her head to the salesgirl & speak in Mandarin* Is it? Then you don't want to do our business la?
Salesgirl: *O.O* Urm, no .. err .. *walks away*

Second experience:
She was in a shop with San and they were talking so they didn't see the girl at the counter calling them to pay 'coz it's their turn. When they walked over to the counter ..

Girl: *in Iban* Talk, talk, talk! Only know how to talk!
Lieslie: *she's boiling inside* ...
Girl: *in Iban* Eh? Where's the receipt? *seach search search*
Lieslie: *in Iban* Nah, there la! *looks at the Girl*
Girl: *O.O & lowers her head* .......
Cashier: *in Iban .. I think* At last you meet this kind of person.

HMPF! So, better keep your mouth shut when got people around! But .. some people just can't. Oh well, I'm out. I wanna wash Vios now. Lols!
(P/S: Me, Lez & Fiq are all mixed blood. I'm Chinese-Dusun, Lez is Iban-Chinese & Fiq is Malay-Chinese. Lols.)

tired tired tired .. =____=

Monday, April 28, 2008

T_____________T I just watched a short video of the original singer of 你是我的眼 (ni shi wo de yen OR you're my eyes) Eventhough I prefer Ling You Jia's more .. but listening to his makes me cry (a bit) because he's really blind. Sighs.

If I can see,
then I'm able to tell if it's day or night easily,
and able to hold your hand with no mistake in the crowd.

If I can see,
then I'm able to drive you around,
and able to suprise you by hugging you from the back.

If I can see,
my life may be different,
maybe what I want, like & love will be all different.

The darkness I see isn't black,
the white that you said, is what kind of white?
The sky blue colour that people are saying,
is the blue sky behind those white clouds that's still in my memory.

I look at your face,
but only to see nothingness.
Did God cover up my eyes,
and forgot to uncover it?

You're my eyes, I'm able to taste the change of seasons.
You're my eyes, I'm able to walk through that crowded crowd.
You're my eyes, I'm able to read the vast sea of books.
Just because you're my eyes,
I'm able to see the world in my eyes.

*sniff sniff*

(P/S: My translation is a bit weird, LOLS!)

Alright, stop with the emo-ness. By the way ~ another great song that I MUST MUST MUST say is David Cook's Always Be My Baby. I'll definitely be his baby if he asks me .. URMM ~ even if he didn't ask, I'll beg him to let me be his baby! Hahahahaha! His version of this song really outshines Mariah Carey la! And of course, I don't need her boobies. Lols! I've been listening to this song day and night ~ FOR DAYS! His voice definitely melts my heart ~ and yes, I can't escape from you David.

Anyways ~ I didn't get to blog for the 2 days eh? I was toooo tired to do so. Plus I hanged out with my love Steph & also with Hui Yong. I'll just summarise what I did. (Pray that it's really gonne be a 'summary'.)

26th April:
Woke up damn early because I have to accompany my mum to see the psychologist. I was waiting at the waiting area then I saw this paper, titled 'Tension':

The moment you're in tension,
you will lose your attention,
this will put you in total confusion
& you will feel the irratation which might spoil personal relation.
Ultimately you won't get cooperation which will cause complication,
you will then need to watch your BP with caution
& you might have to take medication.
Instead .. Understand the situation;
try to think of a solution.
Many problems can be solved by can be solved by discussion,
whic will work out better in your profession.
This is not a free suggestion,
it's only for prevention.
If you understand my intention, you will never come to tension!

Interesting eh? After that ~ my mum sent me to Chung Liang for my interview. But the Principal said that if only I'm working permanent (i.e. at least 1 year) then he'll take me in. Sighs. Another one. PEOPLE! TELL ME IF THERE'S ANYWHERE TO WORK FOR TEMPORARY PLEASE?! So sick of sending resumes =="

Then at night, after bball match, I went out with Fung, Annt, Steph, Xueli, Jia Wen and the others. A 'farewell limteh' for Jia Wen. A girl that I super duper dislike was there as well ==" I was like .. "SHIT MAN. WHY?" But to be frank, she's not as 'kuai lan' like last time. For example, we would be as far as we could from each other. For a moment, when she went out, I went over to my fung's side to talk. Then I felt somebody sat behind me, it turns out to be HER! Then I kinda jumped coz I never expect that it'll be her! Xueli told me that she's better now .. can't tell that much though. Blaa ~ whatever.

After that, another limteh session with Hui Yong and Steph again. But we end up tapao coz Steph was kinda sick. But after she reached home and did her thing, she felt much better. Then we hanged out at her place till 3plus. Fucking tired man. Lucky that it's Hui Yong driving and not me. =P

27th April:
Again, woke up early, 10am. Just to watch Bryan at Home Deco. So nice la his designs!! Too bad he's gay. Then at noon I went to Miri with Mamee. We were at the saloon the whole afternoon. Boring la! I only trim my hair sikit and wash hair and curl my hair by using moose (enhance my natural curl) but in the end I really dislike it. I macam AUNTIE okayy ~ !! Pffft!

Then night time I watched a bit of Xing Guang and went out with Ah B Liew & Hui Yong. We went to Kpg.Baru's court and waited for Steph. Ah B Liew sent us to Hui Yong's house and an hour later baru we go out tapao roti kosong and went to Steph's house again. Talked, talked,talked till around 1plus and went home.

Guys don't know how to do anything except driving a car & fuck.

-- Hui Yong.


And today ~ slept till 9plus ONLY! ==" Stupid mum called me at my hp and woke me up & I couldn't sleep anymore! Machikiniiii ~ !! End up checking hotmails and friendster and facebook. And drove here and there in the afternoon. Around 5pm I picked Fung up & we went to Jollibee to meet Mel & Siaw Huei. Chit chat for an hour then went home. And the same routine as usual except that I didn't go to Kaybee tonight =P

I took 3 old videos from Mamee's hp and recorded one today with my hp. Heh. I'll post it up after I woke up. XP Now I'm tired ~ have to be in lala land now. x)

let me introduce ..

Friday, April 25, 2008

The SHITASS CHINA HANDPHONES to youuuuuu peopleeeeeee!!!!!! Due to Leng ~ I've decided to post the available handphones here. Some of it are sold already by my sis ==" cepat jua ! And I'm booking one of it for my sapo since she's so crazy about it ~ once I saw the hp I tarus tell her over MSN. See ~ I'm so nice to you la sapooo ~ must love me MUCHIE MUCHIE!

(P/S: I'm calling it 'shitass' because I always remember what Xiaxue said about the China hp.)

To be honest .. it's really not bad la. It's better than the previous batch lo .. I love the picture quality!! Not too clear, not too blur .. macam Photoshop-ed jor XD Oh gosh, I fell in love with myself after taking a shot of myself *dreamy* Mamee & me also took some pictures with it from the front camera xD We took ugly pictures and kept on laughing after each shot.

ANYWAYS ~ haha! Well, the hp-s have Bluetooth, USB, a 256MB memory card and urmmm ~ camera? HAHA! Oh gosh ~ how am I gonna promote these handphones kan? ==" I am not a potential-salesgirl!!!!

I'll just upload the pics now .. before I'm making it worse or boring =D

This is the one that me and my mum played with!
And the one that made me fell in love with myself ~
It's a TV handphone as well.
Cost: $300

This model looks like .. *you know I know*
Cost: $300

Ahhh ~ the legendary China's Nokia N76!! (if I'm not mistaken)
Don't play play ehh ~
the buttons on it really can play de le! XD
Cost: $300

This is China's Nokia-whatever-model.
As you can seee ~ can put 2 SIM cards.
Didn't main sama ia so I can't tell if it's nice or what.
Cost: $250

And this is another fave of mine!
* My mum is trying to persuade my dad to give her --" *
This one aa ~ camera got flash de le!
Yes, it is REALLY PINK!
The lighter part is kinda like pearly-pink.
Dadee just told me that got blue & purple as well.
Cost: I forgot it's $300 or $350. =P

I went to QQeStore earlier ~ and went to check this super duper nice (to me) Jap handphone that I saw last month. AND THE PRICE IS SET LIAO!! And I almost faint after I saw the price .. it costs $700+ . Sure pengsan laaaa ~ !! Hais! I've got a pic of it too =D

SoftBank 815T =D
3G punya ^^
Haiss ~ gonna be another wish on my WishList.

Anyways ~ I went to Kiulap's CopyNice for my walk-in interview ~ Hais! LADY BOSS WASN'T THERE! So .. bigger chance to work in Sg.Liang? *shivers* HAHAHAHAHA! The interview was okay .. but I went to the wrong side before I reach the right place. Hahahaha! This is so Nikki!

Alright ~ end of my intro of handphones. Goin' to my lala land .. And dear Buddha, please let me see 'him' again. Omitofohhhhhh ~ !!

at last ..

I'm done with the new layout (almost)! Actually this layout isn't the one I'm working on with my Photoshop, it's almost done but in the end, I realised I don't have Dreamweaver! Or, it isn't necessary at all? If anyone got any clue, let me know about it! One last thing about this blog that I'm not done is .. I want to put the comment box for each article. DO let me know if you know how to do it =D MUCH APPRECIATED!!

The original header was a horizontal rainbow .. then I delete it and replace it with my 'masterpiece' =D Images from Photobucket and alllllllll pasted together with the help of Paint .. This header is meant to be this colourful =] My fave stuffs are in it: colours, rainbows, fashion, girly stuffs, sweets, love, hugs & kisses and etc. It indicates my life .. I couldn't find any 'cooler' layouts so I decided to do it myelf *kambang* HAHA! This is my only way to make it SLIGHTLY like my own work. Lotsa thanks to the person who did the orginal layout .. coz it's BIG & SIMPLE enough =)

BUT VERY TIRING LA. I've spend the whole day to make everything feels right for me, the fonts, font colours, sizes, codes & etc. I'm sooooo happy that it's done =) Well, I'm quite satisfied with my hard work.

Eyes almost juling already, how can I not be satisfied??

But I'll still add a bit of this and that to the navigator =) Like fashion websites & entertainment *winks*

I went to Kaybee for the walk-in interview, lucky Steph was there accompanying me .. anyways ~ it wasn't really a walk-in. I filled in a form and gave them my CL and resume, that's it. But I've called this afternoon to their headquarter to confirm my interview .. So later noon my mum and me will go to Kiulap for my interview. I pray that the Lady Boss will be there .. so there's no need to go for 2nd interview AND .. there's no need to go Sg.Liang to work! Ahem ~ I sound confident eh ~ macam will get that admin job for sure. Lols.

The working place is damn hot la ~ ! But .. I rather work there than in Sg.Liang, which is quite far away from Seria. Pengsan aa if drive like that everyday!

Oh yea ~ anyone's interested in buying SHITASS CHINA HANDPHONE? Haha! But anyways ~ my dad's selling it. If you're interested, contact me =P He has the China 'iPhone' (P/S: Not like Xiaxue's xD), N77 (got this model meh?) and it's pink colour! I super suka that one. Hahahaha! Still got some more but I'm so lazy to list it out right now.

Now then I believe these China phones got bluetooth, but you gotta have your SIM card in it baru you can use it. 'Coz I sent a song to my dad's China hp & it worked! I thought it's a fake bluetooth hp x) Woops ~ ! Sorry Dadee =P

Gosh ~ I have these dreams .. about weird encounters, macam in action movies (lols). And this certain guy FOR SURE will be in my dreams! Well .. I do think about him & maybe I do like him .. but, urm .. maybe I'm just afraid that things will go worse .. I don't even know how does he feel about me. Mysterious-ness =="

God, gimme some clue will you? =(


Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I've been trying to do my own blog skin lately .. OMFG. How did the people in blogskins website do their absolutely gorgeous layouts?!?! The worst thing is that, I'm still trying to figure out how to use Photoshop. I've visit from this website's tutorial to that and to another this and another that and on and on and onnnnnnnnnnn ~ just to make my header stick together. I was trying to combine both picture together but at last .. haha! I've madeeeee ittttttt! Thank God!

But there's still a lot of things to do laa ~ HAIS HAIS HAIS. Banyak mafan ~ why did I bring this to myself aa? ==" But oh well ~ SYE LIH, JIA YOU JIA YOU JIA YOU!!

I'll be going down to Kaybee tomorrow morning to meet Steph and ~ go for interview. It's a very last minute thing but ~ whatever .. should be okay ba? *cross finger*

I'm watching Date Movie on Star Movies while blogging. HAHAHA! Stupid la this movie!! I almost puke when I was watching the two dads playing basketball. *covering mouth* Watching this movie reminds me that I haven't watch Meet the Spartans! Anyone got that DVD?

Other than trying to do my own layout, I've watched Xiaxue's Guide to Life videos. All of it. HAHA! Funny la her. I also got watch Chick vs. Dick, the latest epsiodes. But Imma watch the older videos when I have the time =D

My mum wants to intro her colleague, Auntie Sharon, to my 4th Uncle as he has divorced for many many years ~ and single. Since Aunt Sharon is single as well ~ so yea. But my dad till now hasn't ask uncle if he's interested to marry again. I'm so kepoh that I even asked my dad earlier if he has ask my uncle. My dad asked my granny to ask him ==" Stupid.

Once upon a time, once when my uncle and his daughter, my cousin, came over here from Canada .. Before we're on the way to airport to pick them up, I asked my dad if auntie is coming over or not. I never heard anything regarding my aunt's arrival so I asked him. He didn't answer me at first so I kept on asking. Then suddenly he shouted at me and said: "DON'T MENTION ABOUT YOUR AUNTIE IN FRONT OF UNCLE!" I almost cried. Come on la Dadeee ~ I was a kid! How am I suppose to know about 'divorce' at that young age? =="

Talking about my granny ~ wah liaoo ~ because of my uncle got batuk aa ~ she wants to make some urmm ~ 'tian ping' for him us to eat. She's using the expensive punya ingredient to make lagi!! And then now downstairs always got on air-con. HAH! When nada relatives, air-con will never ever on, not even nice food will be on the dinning table. Biased old lady! HMPF. I remember last time when our house got DMC threads aa ~ me and my sis can never ever take any of it. We even have to pay for it! But when my cousins from Tutong came down, they can take whatever they want. See? Fair or not? Kinda used to it but still .. beh song.

Oh well ~ till here then. I wanna continue on my layout so I can use it ASAP! =D

P/S: The time isn't wrong at all. HAHA! My mistake. I've realised that it uses the time that I started to blog. =P

my top 10 sexiest men <3

Monday, April 21, 2008

I was reading Jeannie's blog and realised that I was tagged when I started reading her list of top 10 sexiest men.

Make your own list of top 10 sexiest men including a photo of each.
Post it on your blog .. Then tag 5 people to do the same =)

Let's count down my list now *winks*

1o. Ashton Kutcher
Fell in love with him when I started watching Punk'd.
He's funny & tall & .. sexy.

9. Johnny Depp
I was fooled by his POC's look & never realise how sexy he looks ..
until I watch his True Hollywood Story on E!.
I have something for older men. Lols.

8. Alex Fong Chung Sung
Another older man, told cha I have something for older men! x)
He is SOOOOOOOO good-looking for a man in his 40's. (for me)
I'll never mind marrying him. Sighs.

7. Orlando Bloom
With Depp on the list, I can never miss Bloom out!
Oh oh oh ohh ~ sexy eyes & sexy lips!
And never ever forget that sexy English accent.

6. Julian Hee
MediaCorp artiste.
Acted in Metamorphosis and I notice his cute small eyes ..
Then, fell madly in love with him in Love @ 0 Degree.
S'pore Mr.Manhunt 2002 & Mr.World 2003 semi-finalist.
How can he not be sexy?
(P/S: He got sexy abs!)

5. Ling You Jia
He's the winner of Taiwan's A Million Star (Season 1)
His voice is soooo sexy that I can't help but falling in love with him <3

4. Daniel Wu
Can anyone say that he's not sexy AT ALL?
If someone does, they must be blind!
Love his acting =D

3. Edison Chen
Eventhough his pictures scandal brings him down,
he'll always be high up in my sexiest men list.
His lop-sided smile is .. mmhmm ~ sexy ..

2. Justin Timberlake
Yes yes yes, the very very sexy JT.
Sexy dance moves, sexy songs & sexy sexy him.
And he sings: "I'm bringing sexyback ~ yea!"

1. Pete Wentz
And my number 1 is HIM!!
I don't know why but to me, he's VERY VERY SEXY.
Not only I have something for older men,
I also have something for boys like him.
Covered up in tattoos, wears eyeliner & have that emo-look.

LASTLY ~ I'm not done with the tagging. *evil laugh*

The lucky 5 girls are .. Taaa daaa ~ !!

1) Nadia Jong Pet Pet *LOL*
2) Wendy Wong, Hot Chick 1
3) Merry, idol aku (I'll give you more time since you're busy *winks*)
4) Stephanie 611 a.k.a me love
5) Minna (coz I know u blog every now and then.)

MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Have fun listing your list & tagging others yo!

early morning.

Morning peeps! I really got up early and called. He was talking really fast, I almost can't hear what is he actually talking about at first then he slowed down.

[ P/S: Conversation is in Mandarin. ]

Me: Hello?
Principal *fast*: Hello. This is *blank*.
Me O.O: Er, May I speak to Mr.Huang Han Hua?
Principal: Yes, I am.
Me: Oh, Principal Huang, urm, I'm CSL. Sorry to call you this late .. coz my mum was sick so I have to stay home.
Principal: This is really late ..
Me: Ohh .. err ..
Principal: But can you come by this month's 26th on 11.30am?
Me: OH! Sure.

The *blank* indicates the fast part. I thought I won't be getting this job, who knows in the end he asked me to go to the school for interview ==" kena zhadao! Anyways .. to entertain my early morning .. I got the Q's below from Ovidia's blog =) Answer it yourself if you want to! =D

Do you know what you want your life to be about?

Here are 10 Questions To Help You Figure It Out.

1. What do you love to do? (Don’t limit to thinking professionally. Think about hobbies, in general just things that you love to do and that make you happy when you do them).
` Hmm .. I love to club, hopefully one day I can go clubbing once every one or two weeks with friends =P Parties & travelling. Read books, shop till I drop. Trying all sorts of outdoor activities like bungee jump and those water activities like in Langkawi (heard it from Annt). Lastly, get to know more and more people from other countries, I don't mind knowing some hotties *winks*

2. What are the things about your work (during the job that helps you make a living) that you really like?
I haven't got a job yet .. So I'll get back to you when I do. (pray for me that I'll get the Kindy Teacher post!)

3. What is it that you just naturally do well? In other words, what are you good at?
Urm .. doing house chores? I'm a pro housewife, so, leave a msg at the cbox if you want me to be your wife. Make sure you got what it takes to be my life partner. HAHA! Definitely house chores .. and at school, I do good research esp. my GP. I'm really organised. A good listener & I must say I'm quite good in acting =] i'm ready to be an extreme character .. like, a crazy girl heroine in a malay drama and yes, I really acted and shouted like one. And also in sprints.

4. What are the 10 biggest successes of your life to date?
` 1) Getting 5A's in my PCE.
2) I passed my PMB with a not-bad result: 3A's, 4B's & 2C's.
3) Participated in Student's Theatre Production, Asema.
4) My team got the 3rd place in PJN Abu Bakar's Invitational Relay 4x100m.
5) Our class got the 1st place in Eng. Drama Competition in 2 consecutive years.
6) Got merit in international Chinese essay writing competition.
7) I got one of my chinese composition on Miri Daily News, the story is about friendship .. the bad part.
8) For the Chinese culture quiz competition, I got merit for national, gold for inter-school (as a team I think) & bronze for inner-school (as a team).
9) 8O's for O-level =D and an A for my Biology!!
10) B for my A-level Math and also for GP ^^

5. Is there a cause around which you are particularly passionate?
I must say .. pollution. & I'm really interested in eco-fashion (read it from April's 17) and I'll persuade Lez and San to be eco-fashion designers when they are one XD Oh yea, global warming. People, do watch Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth if you haven't. I think it's on HBO now .. or is it March?

6. What are the 10 most important things that life has taught you to date?
1) Never give up on myself.
2) Always, always .. love myself.
3) Speak out your mind.
4) Steph taught me this: When somebody scold you, say 'thank you'. It'll go back to that person .. and it really happened =)
5) Never let my temper overwhelmed me.
6) Never ask for any return for the good deeds that I've done, coz I'll get good karma someday =)
7) Open up my eyes and see carefully .. of the people around me.

8) I can party, club, drink and smoke but never get involved with drugs. Definitely a no-no to drugs.
9) What goes around, comes around.
10) Appreciate and love my friends, family and people who love me for who I am.

7. Are there certain problems that continue to present themselves in your life? (For example: lack of money, debt accumulation, always being late, etc.)
` Never on time due to my slow preparation be4 going out, lack of money, can't hold my temper when I'm at home & like Ovidia .. "Having difficulty choosing a guy to have a relationship with.". I'm also wondering if I'm just picky or what .. and sometimes, some guys seem to like just wanna flirt and fling with me, did I present myself in a wrong way or what??

8. When you just let yourself go mentally, what do you daydream about? (i.e. start an acting career, traveling to exotic places, etc.)

` Being a short model (lols), travelling to lots and lots of countries, work as a pro OL, act in series and movies, able to speak French, Jap & Korean, so in love with a guy (faceless) and doing simple & sweet stuffs together & .. ahem ~ my really really private thoughts and fantasy. x)

9. At the end of your life, how would you like people to remember you? What legacy would you like to leave?
` I would want people to remember me as a good friend. Funny, silly, friendly, happy, daring and everything that's just so 'nikki' or 'sye lih' =] Hopefully nothing bad about me remains on their minds! Haha. Legacy? Urm .. no idea ~

10. What would you do in life, if you knew that you could not fail?
Hmm .. *deep thoughts* a dentist, a speech & language therapist or .. a business woman. Haha, the last one is really different from the first 2.

YES! The end. At last i'm done with these Q's, I've been doing it over an hour 'coz I'm doing a lotttttttttttttttttttt of thinking. You guys can try to answere these and leave a msg in my cbox if you did! So I can read yours. =D I've come to realise that .. the time recorded in my blog isn't consistent with the actual time ==" I think it's .. urm .. 30minutes late? Is there any way to fix it?!


I knew it!

I knew that we're soooo gonna have a dinner at a restaurant tonight because of my uncle's arrival. It's so like a tradition, and probably before he's going back to Canada we're gonna have another one. And they would insist to be the one to pay, come on, just pay the bills 'coz I'm already full. HAHA! My uncle manage to pay the bill just now, and I saw my Tata tried to stop him. *roll eyes*

Dinner's okay, I saw my relatives and the salon owner, Auntie Liyana. Me and Mamee went to her salon this noon. Then she was gossiping this and that to my mum. Blaa ~ Seria people are just too CNN .. excluding me and my mum =D HAHA! Mamee is always the one listen then she'll just tell me alll about it.

Well .. one funny thing about the dinner .. isn't the dinner, it's JieJie! She wore this nice dress with kiddy-lacey-socks .. BUT WITH THE BLOODY WRONG SHOES! She wore the Croc shoes!

OMG, SO FUGLY LA!! I didn't realise it until we reached Jolene Restaurant ==" Kimaknya budak niiiii ~~

Now, to be honest, during my previous blog (friendster's) about my mum kena tahan hospital, one day .. which is Thursday, she kena those 'dirty stuffs', hope you'll get what I mean. Anyways ~ I asked her about the chinese bomoh thingy that she had when she was ironing her clothes. God, si beh kung bu le ~ She put the 4 candles that are lighted into her mouth so the 'smoke' can cleanse her body .. she said she didn't feel the hot-ness and the candles didn't burn her mouth. The bomoh, who is an old lady .. kicked her body HARD to 'kick out' the evil spirit inside her. I cannot imagine seeing my mum going through those stuffs, 'cause she can't stand pain. But it's over and I'm glad .. REALLY GLAD. The day when she isn't her, I so wanted to pass out and hope that it was a dream. But it wasn't. So .. shit. Lols. I can laugh about it now though.

P/S: I can say it out now because .. I think I'm not that afraid of Mamee now. =]

Some pics were taken during the dinner .. Heh, I am making use of my nice handphone now. Muahahahahahahahahaha!!

The lil princess with Croc shoes.

My 2nd lil bro.
His eyes are prettier than me, HOW CAN?!

Fei Zi & me

This is like the sooo first time I see the plates are that 'clear'.
There were 2 or 3 more dishes before these.

That Croc-shoes-princess is starting to follow my steps ..
Pout while taking pics! XD

See their similarites? x)

Tata and Popo.

*sing* We are family ~~

And lastly. yours truly with her fave flash =D
Lookie at my eyes!!
I'm so in love with myself ..

I think I'll call Chung Liang School tomorrow and ask them about my interview, which is suppose to be like 2 weeks ago but I was too sick to do so. Gotta wake up early .. Wish me luck!!

bbq =]

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Just upload a new album in Facebook =D

I went to BSB with Mamee and JieJie (Jie Lih) around 5something to pick up my 4th Uncle from airport. The flight was delayed so we hafta wait for an extra hour ==" When the flight landed, I was waiting near the urmm ~ arrival door there .. then I saw my ex. Gee ~ time fliessss ~ I told Lieslie that no matter how much he changed, I still very the suka him. My mind even walked down the memory lane when we're on the way back to Seria. Lols! I think it's quite obvious who is he from the way I said it. HAHA! Anyways, who cares? And coincidently, I saw Kah Ming and her gf as well. Very the small la Brunei.

When I got back to Seria, I tarus drive down to Kaybee to pick up Steph & Lez and off we go to Fiq's new home. Until I drove into his place, OMG, so big la! Especially his front yard! If I'm not mistaken I think he said that he's gonna rent the big big Titanic bouncer, which is 45ft. tall, during their open house!


The interior is really nice as well ~ they have two big living rooms downstairs, one for his mama and another for his papa. His mama's living room is very the chinese-ish, I think it's because she's Chinese & that's why she wants to put it that way. His papa's living room isn't done yet & it's empty, except for the flat screen tv. Fiq's room is nice laa ~ he got his own toilet & his bro's room is nice as well =D I like his bro's table lamp. HAHA! Very the cute man!

When we're at the back of his house talking and me munching on the cold, 'soul-less' (Fiq claimed that I was so slow and made the chicken wings became no soul liao.) chicken wings, there's this crazy/drunk uncle, who is just next door to Fiq's place, kept on talking to us at the side of the gate, which is kinda freaky. He asked for chicken wings and we're like WTH? Then we said no more and just humour him like that. Then another uncle came by and asked us if we want fish. I thought he was joking until Steph said that she knows that man and he's a fishmonger. Lols! He really gave us a fish but in the end Steph took it and Fiq was very glad. Haha! The fish is quite big and looks nice too, I don't really know how to tell is the fish fresh or not but Steph said that he always got go fishes everyday so it should be fresh, right? =P

Me and Fiq kept on 'insulting' each other, I called him fat and he called me black. Shit ass. HAHA! But I just love his sense of humour, he always can take the joke =D Even those that degrade him, but we're just joking *winks* Lieslie said if we continue to argue like that , in the end we'll be together. HAHA! We hanged out at the chinese style living room and talked shits and bluetooth each other songs. Yuyu, his gf: Rebecca, Choon & Gabby were there as well =D It's fun to gather like this once in a while =]

Some pics were taken at his place but I'll just put up some of it :

Fiq & me =]


Lez & me =D

Sapo & me =D

Si beh fair this girl ..
And how bloody dark my skin is =="

He was trying to move away the sweep that Lez was holding to kacau us.

Cantiknyaaaaa ~

Steph's dream stairs ~
I really suka the feel of it =)

In the chinese style living room ..

I also took HELLLL lots of pics of myself before going to BSB & also in the car =P I'm so gonna master the skills of Photoshop!! I wish Merry's here to teach me though .. MERRY PLEASE COME BACK! Hahahahaha!

I'll stop here for now .. Gotta go to dreamland =D