thanks for nothing.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

My coughing syrup can make me reallllyyyy STONED! Hahahaha!

I have to fight the urge to sleep after the medication 'coz I need to do my chores.

This song by Claude Kelly is reallyyyy niceeee ~ I've been hearing it on Fung's car but she doesn't remember who and the song title and the clever me remember the lyrics and googled it =P

If I was blind,
then I wouldn't see
the whole damn world laughing at me
why did I ever think you could be
real and modest (oh)

Couldn't lie
at least that would mean
that you tried
To spare me the grief
Why did i ever think you could be
All i needed

Now i don't want to hear
Your reasons (no no no)
Just hurry up if your really leavin` (whoa oh)
And just say goodbye, thanks for nothin`
Clearly I wasn't the one that wanted
Right up in the sunset and have a good time
Heh, thanks for nothing tonight

Don't turn around just keep on walkin`
Even if you see the tears the tears are fallin`
Just drive off in your fast car and have a nice life
So thanks for nothing tonight

Hey, I bet you thought I would beg you to stay,
That really got to your head
Crazy if you thought I would beg
Walk all over me

Now I don't want to hear your reasons (no no no)
Just hurry up if your really leavin` (whoa oh)
Just say goodbye, thanks for nothin`
Clearly I wasn't the one that wanted
Right up in the sunset and have a good time
Heh, thanks for nothin`
Don't turn around just keep on walkin`
Even if you see the tears are fallin`
Just drive off in your fast car and have a nice life
So thanks for nothin` tonight

Lyrics from here.


Friday, May 29, 2009

Today isn't a good day at all ..

Minor accident and ................... I'm not gonna say anything more.

Imma take a nice shower and just relax ..

I'm yours.


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Being sick sucks a BIG time =______=||| Flu, cough and sorethroat. Why does it have to happen at this time?? Argh!!!

I'm not happy with the fact that I'm sick is because I'm going to my Biology field trip next week. Who the heck wants to be sick at that moment?? Spoil sia ~ ! My trip's gonna be from the 1st June till the 6th so .. I won't be updating I suppose? Well, it's not like I do the updates on time ..

I'm pretty excited 'bout the trip but kinda dread it at the same time 'coz .. simple, I'm lazy. HEHE! A big big SORRY to all my biology lecturers who are involved in this course =P

Imma start checking and packing the stuffs that I need since I'm pretty fussy ...

I do sense that Imma have a great time at there =D Not after the trip since we gotta hand in 4 damnnnn reports! =S

Oh yea, you guys know what? I'm vaccinated for H1N1! Just to prepare myself for my upcoming Thai trip =D Don't ask me why I'm telling it, I just feel like to =P

Before I want to go on with my post, 'someone' said that I mentioned his name before we got together and after we got together, I only refer him as 'he' or 'his' or 'him' or .. you get the idea. =P SO ~ Imma stick to one now, let me just call him 'Danny' or 'BB' here alright? Hehe.

Last night I had the sweetestttttt suprise ever from Danny =D He came all the way down from BSB to suprise me, along with CJ, QJ and Rick. They reached KB (I was at KB yamcha) around 1a.m. I are sooooo touched! Plus, he has class the next morning sooooo .. yes, I'm touched and happy =)

Thanks BB ♥

Picture was taken when we're about to go TK after our seafood buffet with a bunch of friends at Holiday Lodge. I chose this pic 'coz it looks like saying 'thanks' from me to him. HAHA!

This song was playing on my iTunes when I'm about to start to blog so .. ENJOY! ;)

Every little thing that you do ..


Thursday, May 21, 2009

Went to Tutong with Annt and Fung to meet Kai Lun =) I didn't know they're going until I text Fung and I wanted to tag along, it's really boring at home.

While on the way back to Seria, this song was playing and I don't know why but I really like it .. I've listened to this song a few times and only till today, this song clicks.

Anyways ~ good night =)

Hello Bestie ..

Wednesday, May 20, 2009







We've come a loooooonngggg way, 9 years and still counting! Let's see .. we've come from this ..

.. until that =)

There are people who thought we're sisters and twins but .. who cares 'bout what 'em think? What I care about is always always always and still always you =D You treat me more than a sister and a bestfriend does, so that makes you my ULTIMATE bestie! Teehee!

Sorry that I didn't prepare anything special for you, please forgive me yes? All the best in everything you do and I know God always bless you and He'll always guide you through any difficulties ..

Again, happy birthday Laopo =)

Lotsa ,
Your Lopo =]

"Friendship is one mind in two bodies."
- Mencius.

more than anyone.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Straighten my hair at last .. ..... ........

I'm not really in the mood to blog but yet I still feel like saying something.

I probably need some excitement, maybe like clubbing?
I don't really know ..
I kinda miss having fun like that, it's been a while.

And .. I really hate waiting.

One memorable song ..

... Try?

pretty random ~

Monday, May 18, 2009

Why did I not start playing Restaurant City when Rick told me to!?

Hahahaha! I'm kinda addicted to it now =P

I had great time when I was in BSB on Thursday and Friday. Food and drinks is good and I just realised .. karaoke is fun too =D Hehe.

Alright, back to RC!


Thursday, May 14, 2009

I went to salon at noon and met a relative of mine .. bear in mind that my relative is like my Popo's age that kind of relative.

She didn't realise who am I at first until lao ban niang told her then she started to talk to me a bit. In the end, she decided to ikut my car back to my home 'coz she wants to find my Popo to chit chat. I SERIOUSLY have nothing against her 'bout following my car but .. I had a hard time to communicate 'coz my Hakka sucks a big BIG time =______="

I can answer simple ones but when the words are hard .. you know, I got stuck and in the end I give up and change to Mandarin.

Talk about embarassment ... -_____________-|||


Someone in FB posted this video link and I fell in love with this song immediately!

Alright, Imma nap for a bit before Danny arrives! ^^

我知道 ..

move along.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Today is kinda like the movie marathon day for me, I've been watching movie since .. last night? I think!

I watched Cast Away ..

The movie's good and there are funny parts where I LOL with myself. I know, I sound like a loner right ~ but I'm not! Or maybe I am, sometimes? XD

And another movie is Taegukgi (which means 'brotherhood' in Korean if I'm not wrong) this afternoon.

This movie si beh sad okayyyyyyyyy! I cried from the start till the enddddddd ~ it might be due to my hormones since I'm having period but still ~ SO SAD LA! *sniff sniff*

And about this movie ..

Won Bin is sooooooo handsomeeeee! I just love man with clean haircut =D Jang Dong Gun looks familiar but I can't remember he was in which movie. Hmm ~

And yesterday evening I watched this with him in Seri Qlap ..

X-men Origins: Wolverine !

I LOVE this movie!

Hugh Jackman = HOT HOT HOT!

Anyways .. today I ate lotsa Tiger biscuits and some Oreos with my love, MILK! Life's good with milk =) I missed my dinner because I'm stuck to my laptop after my movie .. I'm watching Chick vs. Dick and Xiaxue's Guide to Life on Clicknetwork. I'm catching up with the episodes I missed ^^

I still got lotsa DVDs to watch .. wondering where did I get all of those DVDs? It's Danny's. Haha! He made a sequence for those DVDs and .. yea, I'm following it.

Okayyy ~ I gotta do my pedi, clicknetwork and dvd. Next is The Pursuit of Happyness =D

While I'm doing all these, why don't you listen to this very random song that I feel like posting? =P

Can't help but surrender,
my everything to you.

0.5% left ..

It feels realllllllllllyyyyy good to shower from head-to-toe after a long tiring day ~

My morning started out bad .. upset me A LOT. Some other stuffs as well but in the end it got better ..

And I'm really tired.



Tuesday, May 12, 2009



..... sighs ...

smash into you.

Just got back from KB, a meet-up with friends =D It's been a whileeeeeeeeeeeeeeee since I last saw them!

And I'm done with my cleaning today and Imma seeeeeeee him in 11 hours time. Yea, I'm specific .. sometimes only =P

Anyways .. Ah Boy intro-ed some videos to me and Imma share it with you all!

And a song to share too .. It always reminds me of him =)

Love is merely madness...
-- William Shakespeare

boom boom pow.

Monday, May 11, 2009

My room is clean now! I wiped, vacuumed, changed my bed sheet and rearrange my stuffs =) I feel good.

And I feel even better to see my friends joining the Animal Shelter group. The number is growing really fast compared to this morning =D

Anyways, I found this lil note in my room and I was suppose to blog it for a long long time! It's a question from my cousin's holiday workbook who is from Sydney. Here goes the question!

Find the mystery word using the clues:
Letters 4, 2, 8, 1 make a baby's bed.
Letters 7, 3, 6 make a slang word for the toilet.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

There are 8 letters in this word =) Gimme your answer by comments alright? Not in my cbox! ;) I'll give the right answer one week later =D

(P/S: It's a veggie.)

I helped my cousin with this question ^^ Hehe!

Good luck!


Animal Shelter, Brunei.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

I woke up around 11plus this morning and I was roaming around FB until I reach QiuJie's profile and saw her recent activity ..

So I clicked on the link and only then I know, Animal Shelter does exist in Brunei! I've heard a lot of it but I never have any right info about it.

But now I do!

Please join the group to show your support and I believe that there's always love from people towards these stray animals .. you can adopt them if you want and are able to =)

Check out their blog :

I checked their discussion board too ..

"Animal Shelter (A.S.) was established since 2007 and only got itself noted and known by the public last year. Not many people really understand the procedures and steps that need to be taken or worked out.

A.S. is a charitable association which means we do not charge for the services provided because many people find it "troublesome" to bring their pets to the clinic for check-up and/or any injuries that need to be taken care of. But sadly to say, a lot of people are taking the A.S. advantage by dumping their pets infront of the A.S. entrance or call to say they have no "extra" money to treat their ill pet (when they are living in a huge house).

A.S. is now facing lack of fund, food supplies, medicine and any necessities that are needed to give a better life to the strays. We appreciate the donors that have helped us through the bad times by buying some food supplies, bathing creme and small cash amount but help from small amount of people is not enough.

We need the country to know about the helpless strays, to show some sympathy, to show some love and caring.

We gladly welcome volunteers that would definitely be devoted into this charity work."

Location: No.3 Block C, 2nd Floor Kompleks Shakirin, Spg 88 Kg Kiulap, Kiulap BE1518, Brunei Darussalam
Phone: 2333870 / 8802082 (after 6pm) / 8830556

Show some love.

save those words.

Friday, May 08, 2009

Guess what?

I made my very first DIY today! Okay .. maybe not first (I think) but I'm kinda proud of myself .. haha! I made a tote bag out of my old top.

This morning I woke up with the feeling of doing of DIY so without brushing my teeth first, I've spent 2hours plus to find DIY ideas and I always wanted to make a T-shirt bag then slowly slowly one thing leads to another .. I found quite a number of websites. Hehe!

I think this video is really good and the bag is really easy to be made! No sewing required =) I promise! So check out the video ;)

And I made this bag .. =D

This video is pretty good too, click HERE!

Sorry for the really blur pic 'coz I'm not using my SE anymore, my SE is really cacat now =( I'm using Nokia at the mo. I know my bag looks good but it's not as good as it looks. HAHA! I'll learn from my mistake, I'll do a better one!

I plan to make skirt too .. tulip skirt! Not sure if I can do it but let's see =) I like this kind of tulip skirt =D

Don't chu think it's nice?? I want to make a dark purple one =D

There are a lot more stuffs I wanna do than sewing & DIYs! I wanna bake cookies, try to bake cupcakes, probably learn to cook a bit, scrapbooking stuffs and exercise more to keep fit! I think I should buy a big box to keep those reusable stuffs for scrapbook and DIYs.

(P/S: Tonnes of stuffs that I can reuse in my room!)

I was suppose to clean my room in the afternoon but I spent wayyyyy too much time on the Internet and I know .. I'M GOOD! XD My room is in this very very 'chaotic' stage ......

I've been checking this FMyLife website daily for my daily dosage of laughter =) Click HERE! And this blog, I found it randomly through my surfing for tulip skirt DIY .. I like! =D I think the blogger looks kinda like Hilary Duff at some angles. I love her style =D

I got new websites to intro y'all girls =D
For beauty products, click HERE. (It takes 7-15days for your orders to arrive)
For clothes, click HERE and HERE.

Actually I did one productive thing today and that's bathing Beauty! So I brought her to the back of our house to do the bathing, then an Indon (I think) maid past by with a doggie ..

(Conversation is in Malay)
Maid: Wahh, your dog is so good aa! It stays still when being bath. Unlike this one *points at the dog*, keep on moving here and there!
Me: *smiling* She actually didn't stay still at first but she always does later on.
Maid: Ahh .. so you're from Indonesia or Philippines??
Me: Urm .. I'm Cina ...
Maid: Ohh .. how long you've been here??
Me: I'm from Brunei ..... *continue to bath Beauty*

Then the maid walked away .. AWKWARD SHIT! She freaking thought I'm a maid!! Maybe she thought I said CHINA when I told her I'm CINA.

WTF !!!!!

It's just the very ugly clothes I wearrrrrrr!! Okay, probably my looks and skintone too =_=" Shit.

To change the funny mood here, let's listen to this song =) HAHA!

Ahh .. it's almost 1a.m. now, gotta hit the sack. Last paper ending in 10 hours time!

Sweet dreams people =)




I bet y'all missed me =) HEHE. I'm sorry for the super duper lack of updates as I was really busy with assignments, presentation and seem-like-endless-reports. I'm still having my exam but .. HEHE, it's like holidays to me now 'coz my last paper is LC 1514 (English) this Saturday!

While some people have their exam till Tuesday or Wednesday .. wahahaha!

Well .. the past few weeks or should I say for the past MONTH, a lot had happened. Ups and downs but it's all good right now =) Like my previous post, sometimes I was some emo shit with really bad temper and I thank my family, friends and love for being understanding and listened to me =) How can I not love you all?

Instead of saying too much .. I think pictures are much better ;)

First of all, I left boyfriend's notebook in my car and my car was in Seria for that week and my lil sis and cousin did what all little kids like to do .. scribbled and drew some drawings on his book ..

A picture to show how disturbing can Rick looks and I hope he can see this now and 'bout me in this pic .. the reason is obvious. MY CHEEKS ARE SI BEH FAT LO .. CANNOT TAHAN! Time to diet and exercise =D

And yours truly is being very hardworking and slacking at the same time. An art that only I can master. HAHA! Nahh ~ kidding! I bet a lot can do that too =D

Me, Yon and Rick worked part-time at the CLEX expo.

Easy job + good money = GOOD WORK!

We worked there for 4 days. Me and Yon were in this Jenga Master booth and to be honest .. it's really boring 'coz we have really little customers. I think it's because people are shy to come up to play. The last day was VERY HECTIC but me and Yon liked it =D Finally something to do.

Other than the easy-earned cash, we mastered the art of Jenga! HAHA!

(P/S: We even created different Jenga ways to play.)

One of our toughest games XD

When Mamee and Jade came =)

Max (1st) and ChenHui (2nd), she's a new friend =D
Lucky girl who won the 2nd place in Jenga Master and a 10-people jacuzzi (Grand prize)!

Last day of LC 1514 and Billah suprised us with Excapade's sushi! So sweet of him and I had lotsa salmons! I LOVE SALMON! =D

Davin's 21st birthday at his place and Donna (If I'm not wrong) is SO CUTE ♥ !! I keh-eh-nort resist puppy ~~ hehe.

That's pretty much of it .. I shall not remember anything from UBD other than love, friends and most importantly .. Pei Fen's very generous treat of cupcakes baked by Dr. Jun! Just in case y'all wanna have a taste of Dr. Jun's yummy cuppies, click HERE!

Everytime I visit her blog, I get hungry .. LIKE NOW. Ahh sheesshhh ~ !!

I wonder when Pei Fen is gonna treat me more cupcakes ..
ngieh-hehehe ~

By the way, if you guys noticed that I dissapeared from FB .. it's because of my finals. I can't get away from FB and play with my Mafia Wars and LivingSocial! Since my exam is almost over, I activated it =D

And someone missed me sooooooo much in FB .. You want proof? I give you proof!

When he came over and chat with me in MSN:
FiQ says (0:38):
Its about time ohh~~ Hehehehe
FiQ says (0:38):
Anyways WB beeyotchh!!
FiQ says (0:38):

When I told him I'm blogging:
FiQ says (0:55):
Bloggin!! AT LAST!!!!!!!~~~

Before he left:
FiQ says (0:59):
U go blog ok i prolly nw post dis video den try to sleep ok
FiQ says (0:59):
Well WB ah!!
FiQ says (0:59):
Yay nw no nid miss u so much liaw
FiQ says (0:59):

(P/S: He said I'm his victim .. he LOVES to insult me.)

Okay, I should probably stop now.

Oh .. I never forget to put a song! ;) This song is currently one of my obsessions.

And I shall stop here .. good night people!

(P/S: I really miss blogging!)

Ohh .. did I mention I love him?

Me & you.