first day.

Monday, May 19, 2008

First day of work .. HMM ~ I was teeny weeny bit late. xP

When I woke up I found no Vios and my mum drove it to work! I called her up and she beh song me for waking up late. BUT I WOKE UP AT 7.15AM LE ~ She used to go to work at around that time or a bit later, then she said she doesn't. (YEA RIGHT, PFFT!) Woke FeiPo up and asked her to send me to mum's office to get the car. She looks alright when she gave me her car keys, but totally NOT when she's on the phone.

I thought I was late to work but my Lao Ban also late. HAHA! End up waiting for him for .. almost an hour I think. He was sick & he went to the hospital to get medicine. While I was waiting for him, I take my sweet time to eat my dumpling from Rennie *slurps* and I gave the cat a bit of the meat BUT IT DIDN'T LAYAN ME!! Shouldn't have share the yummy yummy meat. Sniff.

Noon time went to WYWY lunch sama Steph, HuiYung & Kacat. Haha! We had some funny chatty moments until Mamee called and spoilt it. Hmm .. great. She was ranting bout me not going back for lunch and not picking her up BUT, I remembered she said that FeiPo will pick her up. Then she said FeiPo was sleeping like pig and on and on. Pfft, like it's my fault that she's asleep. Shit.

After lunch, me and my love went back to her place for a nice rest. And Ah B Wee was playing with us after her shower. Such a cutie. She didn't even want me to go when I have to get back to work =D Angel angel angel ~ !! x)

Finished my work around 3.30pm =) Lao Ban was so suprised that I've finished my work that quick! Muahaha ~ I told him that I'm young, fast & steady. Muahahahaha!

Got back home after picking up my mum from work. When I reached hom, FeiPo reached home as well ..

FeiPo: Eh, I thought you said that your time is flexible?

Then I started to get piss because of alll the beh song-ness from my mum this morning and noon and the tone of FeiPo's ..

Me: Is it because I said my time is flexible then you and Mamee think that it's REALLY super flexible???

And Mamee was laughing beside me. Seriously, nothing worth to be laughed at. Just to pick up my mum, I've cancelled my 'gym date' with Fung and Annt. Ah blaah, humbug, whatever. Overall, it's quite a sucky day today.

I should have said that my time isn't flexible at all .. I just want to finish my work nia =="

Mel just chatted with me and told me that she's going to have her scholarship interciew tomorrow ..


Yesterday, it's not only Dadee's birthday .. also my darling Eahui's!

suprise guest =D

After the 3 matches on Sat night, me and my love went to Kaybee WYWY to eat. Again, I ordered Roti Boom Definitely-Not-PooPoo-But-Chocolate.

See?It's nicer in Kaybee!

And a small bit of vaining session ~ =P

My love likes this =D

Vivian came to my house overnight after I yamcha. We had a small chat and woke up at 11.30am. And she bloody took picture of me .. WAIT, SEXY OR NOT FIRST?? XD I think my Cookie Monster is wayyyyyy SEXIER than me. HAHA!

If I cover my face I definitely look cuter!
(P/S: SO NOT!)

Afternoon went to Hin Nam Fung limteh.

Well ~ It's my dad's birthday so we had steambot at home, the floor was kinda oily .. PFFT! But I only ate for 15minutes then went to Kpg.Baru to work.

And bought a birthday cake for him =D I HAVEN'T GET ONE PIECE YET! Ahem, Dadee's half-naked .. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!

The bottles were Dog's and Shim's. CUTE, NO??

From my title, you might be thinking .. "Who the hell is the suprise guest???" Well .. Take a look.

Definitely NOT HuiYung okayy ~ If you DO NOT recognise the person beside Yung .. HEH! Let me tell you who is she. *evil smile*

She went to Kpg.Baru to watch the Teik Goldsmith vs. East Team. I did notice her but I don't recognise her until .. (P/S: Her friends and her are great supporters of Teik Goldsmith!)
Yung: SYELIHHHH ~ *whisper* Izzan's here!!!
Me: Where oo? *busy doing the time*
Yung: Nohhhh ~ the red hair and specs.
Me: *look at her side* Oh I see .. *still kinda busy*
Yung: Later please help me to take picture with herr!

This ah moi aa ~ I was busy being a timekeeper and she kacau-kacau me. PENGSAN! She recognised her 'coz Steph's sis took picture with her few days ago I think, and showed it to Yung.

Then after the match's over, Yung kept on telling me to help her and all that and she was SO SHYYY ~ ! Then I walked over to Izzan's side .. actually Xueli's over there so I dare to walk over and she was talking to Izzan SO I assumed that she knows her. After they finished talking ..

Me: Xueli, HuiYung wants to take picture with Izzan.
Xueli: HUH?? Izzan?? Where??
Me: Just .. in front of you?
Izzan: Yes??
Xueli: You're Izzan???
Izzan: Yes I am!
Xueli: I want to take picture with you!
Me: =="
Yung: Me too!

O.O OMFG, I NEVER KNOW THAT YUNG CAN RUN THAT FAST!!! She suddenly appear at my side! Pengsan I see this girl =="
End up, I didn't take any picture .. WELL, I DO WANT TO! But since I saw them that 'high', I paiseh sudah niiii ~ I BELIEVE I'LL GET A PICTURE WITH HER SOMEDAY. x)

Then to Zuki limteh, yes, Izzan's there as well and Yung's like a stalker mannn ~ Kept on looking at Izzan and wanna sit beside her and all that! REALLY PENGSAN LO OKAY! Last night was the SUPER FIRST TIME that I had the longest table (joined the tables together) at Zuki. Believe me, it's REALLY LONG. I gotta get some of the pics, also my picture with the Teik Goldsmith players!

Although I didn't get to take picture with Izzan, I get to shake hand with her? STILL GOOD MAA! XD
The hyper girl with me

After I sent Yung home, me and Xueli followed Winnie & Rennie to Kaybee to find Steph then we hanged out =D Hahaha! It was funny and great to hang out like that once in a while. Ahemm, and a bit of drinks. REALLY JUST A BIT!! Too bad we didn't get to take any pictures =(

We WILL hangout like that again someday, no? ;)

fringe is back!

Saturday, May 17, 2008


Mamee: Jiee ~ you see got eyes there!
Me: Are you watching horror movie?!
Mamee: Yes.

Me: WHY?? I don't like!!
Mamee: I like horror movies during the day.

Doink ==" Okay .. it doesn't look like horror movie? I'm safe! Hahahaha!

I was suppose to go to Bandar but then Dadee last minute said he's tired and doesn't want to go anymore. Mamee doesn't want to help me as well! WTH ~ I was acting all sad and show that crying face to Dadee ..

Me: sniff sniff.
Dadee: What? Tomorrow is my birthday maa, you don't want to celebrate with me meh?
Me: I'll be back tomorrow maa!

Sighs. Fine then. You're the star tomorrow Dadee. Sighss, I so the miss Wendy and the guys ='(

Yesterday evening me and my love went to Helen Salon & had our 'Dai Siu Jie', hair washing session. HAHA! I also had a hair cut .. FRINGE IS BACK! XD

Fringe I love.

I miss my fringe and now it's back. Wee! But my hair's sooooo dry ==" I think I need 1 year plus to grow my hair back to the length I had last year ~ Huhu.

Then Happy-Hour at WYWY, Kaybee. Butter milk chicken, yummy! Steph's mum gave me a small container of her mashed potato! Yummy yummy, not the typical mashed potato with the sauce, it's mashed potato with tuna and corn! It's sooo much yummier ~ *slurps*

Yummy yummy.

We went back to Seria to work for one match and when it's over, we went to MoiNam limteh with Annt and Fung and that two girls kept on playing with their laptops. I really should confiscate their lappie next time.

When we three went back to Seria (I drove) then Fung suggested that we go Seria's WYWY limteh again. Mi god this girl ~ really tahan. Then changed to she drives us out. Tehe. Fung said my Roti Boom Chocolate looks like poo poo, which is kinda true. I prefer Kaybee's.

Roti Boom PooPoo

And hanged out at my place till late late lateee ~

First time chatting with Obe and we agree in some stuffs =P Obe, I can't wait for your hols now, sooooo wanna hang out with you soon! =P
Gotta go now, 3 matches tonight at Kpg.Baru. Wooossshhh ~

friday blues.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Before I was going to sleep, which was 4plus am, I thought that Friday would be a good day, as I can sleep past noon and NOBODY will disturb me.


Mamee woke me up at 7plus AM!! So .. I ONLY GET TO SLEEP FOR FUCKING 3 HOURS. And I remember I was having a nice dream and now it's fucking GONE! Grrr ~ !! Not only I have to send my mum to work, I have to send JiaYau for his extra classes and JieJie for her dancing practice, AND PICK THEM ALL UP AT DIFFERENT TIMES. So, sleeping back = FUCKING USELESS coz I gotta wake up constantly, C-O-N-S-T-A-N-T-L-Y !!

From now on, no Monday-blues for me, I HAVE FRIDAY-BLUES!!

To add more 'blues' this morning, I couldn't find my fave FOS slippers to wear. Imagine that! I'm so fucking sure it's my elder sis, who we call FeiPo, wore it!!

EXCUSE ME? YOUR FOOT SIZE IS LIKE .. ONE OR TWO SIZE BIGGER THAN MINE??? How can you fucking wear my fucking slippers?!?!?!??!?!?! You're gonna loosen my slippers!! AND YOU CAN'T WEAR MY CHEAP CHEAP RM5.50 PINK SLIPPERS AS WELL!!

I super hate it when she wears my slippers!!!!!!!!!!


No, no matter what, I'm pissed!! And I'm keeping my slippers in my room now. Pfffft ~

Another thing that made me fucking pissed right now is JiaYau. His class is till 9.20am and JieJie's till 10am. So I told him to wait at KG so I wouldn't have to go the same place twice.

JiaYau: Urm, I might be 5 or 10 minutes late because my computer teacher is slow sometimes.
Me: ?? *slightly shouting* What?? Is your class till 10.40am or 9.20am?!?!?
JiaYau: 9.20am ba.
JiaYau: Urm, the timetable ba ..
Me: *SHOUTING* SAY!! 9.20AM OR 10.40AM?!?!
JiaYau: *tears are coming* 9.20am baa ..
JiaYau: *crying*
Me: You better say properly or you walk to school yourself!
JiaYau: *crying* Aiyaaa ..

Yes, that's how pissed I am. So don't try to fuck with me early morning, especially Friday. I HATE FRIDAYS. Yessss, I'M VERY MEAN 'coz I threaten him to walk to school. Maybe I should sign him up with RIPAS's Speech & Language Therapy. I find that he has problems at expressing his words sometimes. But it's gonna take half year until it's his turn =="

I wished my parents could send me to KL to take up this course, but NO is all I got. 'Coz KL is dangerous and on and on and on .. they were thinking about the cons more than the pros, wtf.

Me: San was there also ma.
Mamee: He's a guy.
Me: Lieslie isn't a guy! She's a girl and she's fine over there. No constant clubbing or shopping!!
Mamee: She's a good girl.

Okay, I'm piss-er when I'm thinking about this matter again.

Okay, I should think about Giselle & Marcus from last night. Those angels.

* sent JiaYau to school & back *



If you're wondering, YES I SOMEHOW HAVE AN OBSSESSION WITH MY OWN STUFFS SO WHAT?? But if she asked, I wouldn't be that pissed!!!

иіккі ° ѕzelі said:

mαω™Status: [[ Whatever is to come, be brave to face it all ]] says:

иіккі ° ѕzelі says:
why?!?!?!?!? ur slippers le!? can dont wear mine ma next time?? what time u coming back??????/
иіккі ° ѕzelі says:
arent ur feet are too big for both my slippers? how can u wear it? how can aa???

mαω™Status: [[ @hospital kb; Whatever is to come, be brave to face it all ]] says:
What ever...
mαω™Status: [[ @hospital kb; Whatever is to come, be brave to face it all ]] says:
its size 38 anyway, its my size

иіккі ° ѕzelі says:
it's not whatever or not!! IT'S MY SLIPPERS!! AND NO IT ISNT!!

mαω™Status: [[ @hospital kb; Whatever is to come, be brave to face it all ]] says:
Yes it is

иіккі ° ѕzelі says:

mαω™Status: [[ @hospital kb; Whatever is to come, be brave to face it all ]] says:
Alo alo
mαω™Status: [[ @hospital kb; Whatever is to come, be brave to face it all ]] says:
y when u need to borrow others u'll act like a dog?

иіккі ° ѕzelі says:
where are you now??????
иіккі ° ѕzelі says:

mαω™Status: [[ @hospital kb; Whatever is to come, be brave to face it all ]] says:
n when ppl borrow from u u'll be furious like a bitch?
mαω™Status: [[ @hospital kb; Whatever is to come, be brave to face it all ]] says:
kb hospital
mαω™Status: [[ @hospital kb; Whatever is to come, be brave to face it all ]] says:
what ever

*signed out*

(P/S: I BOUGHT THE SLIPPERS MY SIZE OKAY, why the hell would I buy slippers that can FIT her?! It's not like I don't know her, she'll fit into anything that she wants!!)

Right .. that's how. Nice, no?




And people, should I recommend you all not to ASK NICELY NEXT TIME? COZ YOU'LL BE LIKE A DOG!!


Okay .. My temper isn't coming down. I so need to go back to yesterday to make myself happier.
Last night, my love's 3 points ball zhun zhun sui sui. In Winnie's face lagi. Slightly better ..

And Giselle and Marcus are so cute and they let me hug them and pusing pusing a bit and they were laughing and said that they're pening. Slightly better ..

Marcus's birthday bouncer =D,
didn't get to play though.

Aww .. the birthday boy after his shower =)

He's playing with his remote car =]

Giselle and Marcus were opening his pressies.
Giselle was very eager to open it more than Marc did x)

Marcus asked me play his remote car with him, more of watching him though .. but still CUTE.

See, I feel better now. Fuuuuuu ~ Please let the rest of the day be good!

I know you'll be fucking pissed if you somehow read this post .. BUT THINK! Have you EVER ask me like I did to you?? YOU BETTER THINK, and you should know WHY AM I SO PISSED. You're so fucking old enough to know BASIC MANNERS.

left eye .. again.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

I got a song of David Cook from my lil sweet Wendy deary x)

Can I have this guy for the rest of my life? As a human-musicbox? XD

Oh god, I'm having a headache right now. Argh! I'm prone to headaches ==" AND I THINK MY LEFT EYE IS REALLY REALLY CACAT NOWADAYS!! IT'S SWOLLEN AGAIN!! Oh gosh, I think my God is punishing me for being too obssess with mascara and eyeliners and hence my left eye is swollen.


I couldn't put a picture of my left eye to show you .. COZ IT'S TOO FREAKINGLY UGLYYYYY!!

How can I go out with this eye?! Plus, I HAVE TO WORK AT KPG.BARU LATER!! And and anddd ~ HOW CAN I GO TO BANDAR THIS WEEKEND WITH EYE LIKE THIS?! Coz I'm afraid that when I wake up the next day, it's gonna as big as a .. PING PONG BALL.


I know You're a fair person to everyone .. like for example, I got big eyes but I have darker skin and short. BUT AT LEAST MAKE MY EYE NOT CACAT BOLEHH?!?! ARGGGHHHH!!


By the way ..



' HOT ' a.k.a SAO.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008



Now, that's how I felt earlier on.

I went to Kpg.Baru's bball court only to find some keh-leh-feh & Danny the referee. Then I called Steph and only to find that THE MATCH'S CANCELLED!!!



I was soooooo PISSED that I can't help to keep on swearing in my heart !!

EVEN NOW!! MAKULIU CCB ~~ !!!!!!!!

" maguliu chao jibai tiao nya ma joi tiu tai tai fucking shit bastard " ~ from one of my girls.


Okay, I feel much better after ranting & swearing here, plus ranting to some of my friends. HAHA ~ it's like, finally get to pee after waiting for an old lady to get out from the smelly toilet.

Anyways, woke up si beh early to go to Kaybee cari part-time with Annt, went to St.John & got an application form & walked around the town and found nothing. Then breakfast at Jee Juan. We even went to Seria Plaza to cari okay! God, and I applied Jollibee and Guardian. YES, JOLLIBEE. The bee that looks forever so jolly!! =="

Desperado? Yes, you got that right. SIGHS.

Afternoon limteh at Universal. Me and Annt discovered a new menu .. bread with ice-cream!! But we were soooo full that it's impossible for us to stuff it down our throat .. so, hehehe, I'll be back Universal!! x)

I finally gave the flowers to Steph's mum and Lieslie's mum =) Feel good about it.

Now I'm so bored and jobless and I wanted to go out SO BADLY but no one to accompany me to go down to Kaybee and now, I end up lazy to drive & I want someone to drive me out. HAHA! Lazy bum =P

I have 'sexy' voice right now & I think any guy who hears my voice will surely bow to me .. NOT! The fact that Jian Ming kept on laughing with me shows that he's so not attracted to me voice. LOLS! I miss hanging out with the brothers from another mothers. HAHA!

I'm sooo lazy to play with my facebook .. but I'll still keep checking it & Imma start on my hi5. YES, hi5 still exists and I think it's better than last time which is plain and boring. Gosh, jobless is the word that best decribes me, seriously!!

Lastly ..


Note: Just in case you might be confused .. Steph = my love = sapo. HAHA! I know, we got lotsa nicknames for each other x)

.. and my blog's really messy. NOT ORGANISED AT ALL!!

Who cares.

end of the world.

Just had my nice, hot midnight shower after some lami at Fung's place =] Ahh ~ long time didn't play and playing it again is .. FUNNN!! But I lost bloody $2.20 to Fung, the stupid winner of the day. At least, I'm better than Kok Zhang, who lost $3, I think. Hahahaha!

The 2nd bball match isn't over due to the sudden change of the weather, I think we're really near to the end of the world. And I rather die before that day comes, couldn't bare to look at those horrible scenes ..

Anyways, my love's team won the match just now =D


Tomorrow one match at 9pm, hopefully the weather will not go crazy again.

Currently, I'm using Dell instead of Acer. Why? 'Coz Dadee is playing Big City like mad!! He kept on saying "Ahhh .." & "Okay .. " or the name of the things that he's suppose to find. =="

Jam berapa sudah niii ~~ maseh main game!! PFFFTT!!

Later morning, I'm going to Kaybee with Annt and Fung .. to find bloody part-time jobs. I SO NEED SOME WORK RIGHT NOW!! Heard that St.John is looking for part-timers .. yes? Gimme some clue St.John-ers. HAHA!

Did I say that I've finished my Adeline Yen Mah's book? I LOVE THAT BOOK, but I love her Chinese Cinderella more. But anyhooooo ~ this author married twice, her first husband is .. SUCH A WEIRDO. Anyways, that wasn't the main point actually =P If anyone's interested in that book, ask me and I MIGHT LEND YOU. MUAHAHAHAHA!

And now, I'm reading Shopaholic Abroad and I'll continue with the Mates, Dates series ~

Ahh ~ life isn't boring when I got books to read.

There're some quotes I've read from the Mates, Dates series, from the 'Angel Card':

The darkest hour is just before dawn.

Choice not chance determines destiny.

The tragedy in life doesn't lie in not reaching your goal. The tragedy lies in having no goal.

Don't wait for your ship to come in. Swim out to it.

Hopefully it's gonna be an inspiration (EVEN IF IT'S A BIT) to you =)

(Dad just finished his game and said that his shoulders ache from the game and big sis told me that her tiny hamsters got sharper teeth because I've put toilet roll for them to bite on ==")

HER HAMSTERS ARE JUST ADORABLEEEE ~ SO TINY!! Pictures next time. And a very very short post (maybe) on the new China handphones Dadee just got.

Lastly , Shopaholic & .. lala land =D

the lizard who got murdered.

Monday, May 12, 2008

I'm trying to recall what did I do for the past few days ~

7th May:
Farewell dinner.

One of the pics take. This lil sis of mine gonna be one pretty gal when she's all grown up =)


8th May:
A sick guy asked for Annt's number & asked her to add him in MSN to be 'FRIENDS' .. and he wrote in on a tissue & asked the waitress to give it to her.

Details are covered =P
Hi? Mind to add me in your MSN?
Just be a friend.

Waitress: The guy from table 2 give you this.
Annt: HUH??

We kept on looking around and wondering which table is actually table 2. We saw there're 2 guys a table .. and sooo, I decided to ask the waitress. HuiYong was soooooooo nervous and thought that I would do something reckless, which I did not.

Me: Can you tell me which one is table 2?
Waitress: It's the guy in the white t-shirt.

We kept on laughing at Annt and she said that guys who do this must be NOT A HANDSOME ONE. HAHAHAHA!!

Coincidently, this guy messaged Alicia as well!! Ngam-ngam Nerissa showed me the number and asked if I know this person .. well, his number is sooooo easy to be remembered, seeing the same number on the tissue, made me laugh.

9th May:
Find my love for lunch and HuiYong joined us as well. Then went back her home for a while.

Look at cute Giselle =D

I went to BSB wit Xueli, Goli & Ah Tham. We went to CHMS to watch the singing competition (FYI, it's night time). Saw HiiWei & Wern Hoong when we arrived. And on that day, Vivian talked to me, for the bloody first time after the urmm ~ 'misunderstandings'? Lol! But she does change a lot, so ~ no comments? Ha! Instead, 'someone' gave me and Xueli the 'WTF' face, pfft!!

Their singing competition quite 'sart' loo ~ they got costume points de le! Unlike CCMS, students only have to wear school uniform. Yeaps, BORING! The competition was at their new lecture hall, SUPER COLD LAA!! Plus, the place is quite small ==" They should have the competition at the big hall. The last contestant of the lower secondary was SOOO UNLUCKY!! 'Coz the sound system had a problem, so they asked the guy to sing without music.

The poor boy.

OMFG, if I were him, I would have leave the stage!! But he didn't, he sings his song, did his stuffs and leave the stage. I will always remember his 'Qian Shou' by Zhang Hui Mei =P I kept on laughing but I seriously give him an A for effort & bravery.

We have to wait till everything over then went to Thiam Hock to have our super late dinner. I was SO HUNGRY that Goli and the others said that my face is very pale. I can't stand hunger sometimes. After I had my food, Goli said that I have 'blood colour' on my face again. LOLS!

Then, Speed Racer at The Mall.


They used Rain to tipu our money saja!! He ain't the leading actor looo ~ PUIII!! Near the end of the movie baru interesting. =="

Reached home around 3plus.

10th May:
Watched bball match with Annt =D Yamcha at WYWY with my love, Annt and Fung. Then hanged out at Steph's place till realllll late =P

Talked lotsa shits & stuffs. We were laughig for MOST of the time!! Hahahaha!!

Annt: Sye Lih!! You wanna find work right?
Me: Yalohh ~ but so hard to find work, especially in Brunei, part-time macam never exists.
Annt: WE GO WORK AT ROXANNA LA!! We work as fuel-girl!!
Me: *LOL* NO WAY MANN!! That's like the mosy impossible job that I'll apply!!


She asked me that while we're watching bball match. Then I told Steph & Fung about it at Steph's place. We all kept in laughing!! Even buang sampah job also came out, like all those weird jobs for girls CAME OUT. HAHAHAHAHA!!

I just can't stand Annt's weirdness at times, she gives all those weirdest job ideas to me. Ahhh ~ love her for that!

11st May:
Woke up around 11plus and realised that Nonnie was looking for me ==" woops! Got my flowers from her =D NICE LAA ~ hahahaha! Did nothing special for Mama's Day.

I went to Kpg.Baru and the court was SUPER WET!! But opening ceremony was still on and a match as well. Then yamcha at Zuki with the Teik Goldsmith's players and Xueli, Vivian and the usual others.

People were trying to make th floor less wet.

12th May:
Woke up realllll late, send Mamee to work then off to Kaybee to find my love, we went out for a while then back to her work place. When we're about to go out, I saw people's car parking like shit!! Like as if that turn is for them to park, pissed me off.

There was another car behind the yellow car,
how are we suppose to get out from there?!

Washed Vios again, completed with cleaning the interior. I'm falling in love with Vios again, hahahahahaha! When I opened the guest's room window to take the vacuum cleaner from the room, I saw this lizard (which WAS alive) sticking to the window and didn't want to get off no matter how hard I tried to 'shake' it off the window. When I stopped 'shaking' the window for a few seconds, JieJie CLOSED the window SUPER HARD ..


I'm coughing again and having this stupid flu ==" Gotta work as a timekeeper for the Lady's Bball Tourney, I love doing that x)

Mamee <3

Well, I know I didn't get to post my daily life lately 'coz I came back home late late lateeee ~ and I guess I'll still be like that for this week x) Before I update you guys about the 'lame' life lately (that will be later after I woke up), I wanna dedicate this post to my superwoman, Mamee =)

Dear Mamee,

I know sometimes you got so angry with me that you wanted to throw me into that dirty, brown-ish sea, in the end, you forgive me no matter what =') I've made few mistakes that you never really understand, but you're always there, at that place that I can always reach you .. We had our ups and downs but we made through it.

Not only my mum, but also my bestfriend. ('Coz you understand how much I love clubbing. Lols!) And also someone who listens to my gossips & secrets *winks*

Mee, you're just more than special to me. Words can't finished everything about you to me and it's indescribable.

A song for you Mamee:

This song explains 'almost' everything.

She used to be my only enemy and never let me free
Catching me in places that I know I shouldn't be
Every other day I crossed the line
I didn't mean to be so bad
I never thought you would
Become the friend I never had

Back then I didn't know why
Why you were misunderstood
So now I see through your eyes
All that you did was love
Mama I love you, mama I care
Mama I love you, mama my friend
My friend

I didn't want to hear it then but
I'm not ashamed to say it now
Every little thing you said and did was right for me
I had a lot of time to think about
About the way I used to be
Never had a sense of my responsibility

Back then I didn't know why
Why you were misunderstood
So now I see through your eyes
All that you did was love
Mama I love you, mama I care
Mama I love you, mama my friend,
My friend

But now I'm sure I know why
Why you were misunderstood
So now I see through your eyes
All I can give you is love
Mama I love you, mama I care
Mama I love you, mama my friend
My friend

Mama I love you, mama I care
Mama I love you, mama my friend
You're my friend

Mama I love you, mama I care
Mama I love you, mama my friend
You're my friend

Mama I love you, mama I care
Mama I love you, mama my friend
You're my friend

I love you Mee =]


Thursday, May 08, 2008

SEE?? That freaking girl is KISSING the BLOODY HORROR MOVIE POSTER!!! ISHHH ~ horror movie shall be BANNED FROM THIS WORLD!!!

*** *** *** *** *** ***

I missed my Xing Guang this afternoon!! ARGH!!

All of us went to dinner tonight at cottage. Only when I reached KB then I realised that I didn't eat anything for the whole day until dinner ==" When back home ~ uncle gave us all angpau =D He gave us some advice before that .. and ahemm, my angpau is like 4times amount the others got. *evil laugh*

Well, the whole point of saying this isn't about the money at all. It's about .. like, it's really like the first time, out of all my father's brothers, this is the very very first Uncle who sees me, the me inside, things that I've achieved & things that I wanna do. Back to the days when I was a small girl, everyone sees only my elder sis and bro and now more on the smallest bro and sis. So, that makes me the neutral one.

I'm touched by the words my Uncle said =')

I suddenly remember that .. once a good friend of mine talked to me about her love life. Telling me that the time she can't stand it & doesn't know what to do & some other stuffs .. and she cried. Seeing her crying made me feel very, very sad. It's never easy to maintain a relationship, for two persons to become one, they have to face a lot of stuffs together. And both have to be very understanding .. Trust is the most important.

Well, there are some other friends as well, single or attached. Sometimes, I wonder if it's because of the number of ex-bfs I had, made some people feel that I do know a lot. Maybe I do, maybe I don't. But, whatever it is, I'm always here to listen to my friend's problems whenever they need someone to listen.

Maybe .. and I mean maybe, due to the fact that I've seen & know what my friends have been through in their relationship, made me think that .. probably single is the best. Hmm .. afraid to be in another relationship again? And again, maybe yes, maybe no.

There're relationships that I'm soooo into it, but it didn't work out in the end. Or maybe the guy came back, but I don't want to be back as I have no more feelings at all; or maybe .. it wasn't meant to be.

I found these quotes from BrainyQuotes =)

In a relationship you have to open yourself up. ~ Neil LaBute

Love is love's reward. ~ John Dryden

The easiest kind of relationship for me is with ten thousand people. The hardest is with one. ~ Joan Baez

In a relationship, when does the art of compromise become compromising? ~ Sarah Jessica Parker

Time is too slow for those who wait, too swift for those who fear, too long for those who grieve, too short for those who rejoice, but for those who love, time is eternity. ~ Henry Van Dyke

Love is an irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired. ~ Robert Frost

Immature love says: 'I love you because I need you.' Mature love says 'I need you because I love you.' ~ Erich Fromm

Love is like war: easy to begin but very hard to stop. ~ H. L. Mencken

Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength; loving someone deeply gives you courage. ~ Lao Tzu

Love is being stupid together. ~ Paul Valery

True love is like ghosts, which everyone talks about and few have seen. ~ Francois de La Rochefoucauld

Love means not ever having to say you're sorry. ~ Erich Segal


Wednesday, May 07, 2008

I just checked my mail and Nadia & Mel sent me this e-mail about this so-called artist, Guillermo Habacuc Vargas's art gallery, "Eres Lo Que Lees" ("You Are What You Read"). He used a stray dog and starved him TO DEAD. Really pissed about it 'coz how in the world that abusing an animal can be called ART??


To know more about it, click here and here.

Do help by signing the petition at this website.

Extracted from my mail:
Please SIGN this petition and HELP stop this evil shameless act!

In the 2007, the 'artist' Guillermo Vargas Habacuc, took a dog from the street, he tied him to a rope in an art gallery, starving him to death. For several days, the 'artist' and the visitors of the exhibition have watched emotionless the shameful 'masterpiece' based on the dog's agony, until eventually he died

Does it look like art to you?

But this is not all ... the prestigious Visual Arts Biennial of the Central American decided that the 'installation' was actually art, so that Guillermo Vargas Habacuc has been invited to repeat his cruel action for the biennial of 2008.

Let's STOP HIM!!!!!

Click on the following link :

or or just copy it in your browser to sign a petition to stop him to do it again, then digit the name Guillermo Vargas Habacuc to find the petition to sign.

Please do it.

It's free of charge and it will only take 1 minute to save the life of an innocent creature.

Please also send this e-mail to as many contact as you can... Let's stop him!!!

If you want to double check all the above information you can google the name of the 'artist' to see all I have just said corresponds to truth.

Thank you

(I've signed it, what about you?)

*** *** *** *** *** ***

I read Xiaxue's blog just now and her latest post about this old man, Josef Fritzl. Half way reading it, I was thinking this news looks really familiar until a few moments ago, Steph has mentioned it in her blog! Even Step knew about it and I don't know much, too lil reading on newspaper lately =="

All I can say is: HE'S A SUPER SICK-ASSHOLE!!!

Info: click here & here.

I seriously don't understand why, WHY THE HELL fathers want to RAPE their own daugther? Like, EXCUSE ME? SHE'S YOUR DAUGTHER AND NOT A PROSTITUTE!!

And I remember I jokingly dropped my own comments at Steph's cbox:

nikki.szeli (30th April 2008; 12.25pm): ISH!! enough bian tai that father!!!!! maybe he no money & the wife not with him anymore so he 'kacau' his daugther ==" EEE!! MASTURBATE LAA!!!

That's quite brainless for me to say that .. only now then I realised. Shit me.

*** *** *** *** *** ***

And this time, I read Minna's new blogspot. Gonna change her link later on.

Anyways, I read this post of hers: Sponsor A Child.

Only then I realised she and her friends are sponsoring two kids, one in Myanmar and one in India. *clap clap* Those claps are sincere okay ~ I've never see anyone I know that does it, not even my rich relatives. All that I've heard from them are their travelling, food, houses, jobs and religion. So .. you guys are really great for doing that =)

To JingJing: Ba, Ah Yee, sponsor one kid la! If people ask you when you planning to have one, you can answer them: "I already have one but he/she isn't with me." x) I'm SERIOUS.

I wonder if Brunei have this WorldVision here like M'sia does .. If no, then Brunei should have it NOW. So banyak orang kaya in this country, they should decrease buying cars like Lexus, BM, Mercedes, VW or branded stuffs like Guess, LV, Burberry, etc (I'm not saying that you CAN'T buy okay? I like branded stuffs too.) and donate/sponsor a tad bit of money. Little things that we do can make a big difference, not only on global warming but also lives of these poor kids.

I got an idea, WU ZHUN SHOULD SPONSOR ONE, OR MAYBE 10 OR 20 OR 30 OR .. AS WELL! So banyak fans, if he sponsors one, sure many crazy girls of his loyal fans in here will sponsor one! Some more in RM lagi .. Agree?

I'm wondering if I'm able to persuade Mamee to let me sponsor one .. and I pay her back like that? I'm really sakai waa ~ never know that we can do it here as well ==" Really out-dated/kampong-ish.

Now I very the wish I have a job so I can da da lik DEMAND that I wanna sponsor a child. CB aa ~ !!

I told my close friends that if I don't get married when I really should be, I don't mind adopting few kids and live with them(provided that I got super high high salary). Why? Because I love kids and .. why not share love with the ones that doesn't have? Sometimes, I think that I've watched too much Hollywood news ==" But yeaaaa ~ I would if I can.

For more info, click here & here. =)

(P/S: 1135823 is the code number of me signing the petition.)

car wash.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

When I was going to wash my car this afternoon, I just realised HOW DIRTY THE VIOS IS!! O.O And after washing it and going for my shower ..

Me: MAMEE!! I just realised how DIRTY is the car!!! OMFG, I was in THAT DIRTY CAR and roaming around in KK?!?!?!?

I should have take a picture before and after washing it. Regret aa!! Soooo ~ maybe anyone who needs their car to be washed, contact me! Hahahahaha! I'll charge you cheap cheap with $8 while outside you need to pay $10 le ~ cheap right? x)

I haven't vacuum the interior yet though .. si beh SANDY!! Wanna pengsan when I saw the dirt and everything .. oh my oh my, I really AM a maid. BUT, a maid doesn't go to Gadong with friends without finishing her chores .. so that makes me a semi-maid? HAHAHAHA!

Mamee read my blog after her afternoon nap ...

Mamee: WHAT?? You said that I didn't appreciate your flowers?? WHERE GOT??
Me: NO MEH!!
Mame: You want me to beat you is it??

See? This auntie is not only a big fat liar, also a big fat abuser!!! The anti-abuse chil organisations are gonna hunt you down now Mamee!!!!!!! *evil laugh*


I'm sure my aunt a.k.a Ah Yee a.k.a JingJing(in my cbox) gonna laugh at this! ==" Last week she was chatting with me and saying about my blog ..

JingJing: Your blog very funny ah. Hahaha.
Me: Of course. Me funny then blog funny.

True what. And she's vain as well .. IN THE BLOOD.

I believe that this lappie kena some sort of virus .. the IE apa-apa Poker Game keeps on popping out. Darn ittttt ~ !

Out of topic sudah niii ~ but, whatever .. haha!

Anyways, I got a quick shower and prepared myself and walked over to HuiYong's house (it's been a while since I walked to friend's house) and went to Gadong with her and my love. I was SO HUNGRY when I reached her house and asked if there's anything to eat but NONE. Shittt ~ I didn't eat since I woke up. Steady? Crazy is more like it xD

On the way, there was this 2 crazy cars that were racing against each other? Lancer and Vios I think .. GILA LA!! Kung bu shi aa!! I think the Lancer is .. BT6864? HAHA! I don't remember now ==" The main point of going to Gadong is because Yong wants to register for her CAT exam.

I even brought the register form back home for my elder sis, Fei Po. Just in case she wants to learn accounting, stuffs like that.

Then .. UniTech & The Mall. Almost everyone goes there whenever they go to Gadong. We had dinners then when the two siao chabo saw the posters for the horror movie beside Jollibee ..

Steph: Ehh ~ I wanna take picture with the poster!! Sapo, help me!
HuiYong: Me also me also!!

*snap snap snap*

HuiYong: Szeli, you don't want to take meh?
Me: * O.O then face shows disgust*
Steph: That sapo don't want de la! Look at her face! Kiok shii ta aa!
Me: *mumbling* Shitass horror movie, who the hell wants to watch this sort of movie?? Shitass posters. What's with the 'Prom Night'?? And 'The Ruins' huh huh??


Steph: If Lez is here, HAH! Sure will watch that movie and this girl has no choice but to watch it with us!
Me: I can watch other movies while you three watch that one ma!
Steph: Like as if you will!!
Me: Why not??

Wah liao, if really like that, I rather watch other movie alone than to watch horror film that caused me sleepless night with the lights on! Plus, why waste money if I'm going to cover my eyes in the cinema for an hour plus?? I've tried that once ==" Cried a bit lagi ==" Paiseh eh!

I forgot to take their gila-ness from my love's handphone. Maybe I'll show the pics next time.

Then walked in and out of shops. I bought 3 more nail polish from TheFaceShop. Actually I wanted to buy one then Yong kept on telling me that I should buy three 'coz it only costs $9.90 for 3 while 1 for $3.90 and she's willing to lend me the money and after a bit more of discussion and in the end I give in. Now I have black, 2 other pink. I got black nails now!! Muahahahaa ~ an addition for my goth/punk style lately. Sighs sighs, seems like I'm loving back black & eyeliner again ~

When we're about to leave The Mall, me and Yong went to Ego first to buy ear studs for my ears and at last I got the bling studs. No more questions about "What's wrong with your left ear??". If you do notice, I wore this love-shaped white ear stud on my tragus(Just knew that it has a name.) .

Some people saw it and thought my tragus is swollen or infected at first but when look carefully .. "Ohhh ~ ear stud lai de haa ~". With a smaller and BLING-ER ear stud, I'm definitely look cooler .... *silent* Okay, I'm not.

And before reaching Ego ~ I saw an ex-fling of mine. When I saw him, terus HEAD DOWNNNN. HuiYong noticed my weird-ness and asked.

HuiYong: Who's that guy?
Me: It's *** la.
HuiYong: OH! HIM HIAA ~
Wah liaoo .. enough small ma Gadong?? Like that also can see him .. I wonder if he noticed me but .. NAHHH !! XD It's better if he didn't notice me. Hoho. Past past pasttt ~
Then .. we went to Taurean 2 (if I'm not mistaken) yamcha. And I decided to mc this guy .. that I quite like? No no no, I'll never confess anything to him. Unless he's interested in me as well (A) HAHA! Nahhh ~ I don't even know how do I REALLY feel towards him. Lols. By the way, he MISSCALLED BACK!! Which is like .. so once in a bluemoon. But he wasn't in a good mood, hopefully he's better now =)

Reached Seria around 11plus then went to Yong's house for an hour then sent me back home. I left something there .. goshh ~ I can imagine Mamee nagging me for leaving stuffs at friend's place .. and it's HERS. Shit shit shitttt ~ please don't let it happen. *cross fingers*

mother's day.

Monday, May 05, 2008

That time of the year is COMING again! But this year, I found a website that really can make me stop thinking and give me constant headache.

Jamy, whose website I found from Nonnie's page, is selling paper-made flowers for Mother's day. It's really nice =D Especially for MOTHER like mine .. who never treasured the real flowers I gave her and simply just tucked it somewhere and eventually will end up in the dumpsite =="

NICE HO!! I like it a lot (=^^=) Imma order it soon =D Seems like lately a lot of stuffs to buy eh. Super broke =="

Anyways, I took a picture of my eye wearing the lens I mentioned earlier.

Big difference la!!

Muahahahaha! I think my eyes now are .. ngieh-hehehehe ~ BIGGER!! The above pic is edited by Photoshop coz I got pimples and my skin is very ugly ==" I feel so old now. Argh!! Probably the spots that I edited are obvious. Noob aa ~ !!

I'll 'conquer' Photoshop soon!!

my KK trip =D


imitate Jaslene from ANTM*

I bet hell lots of people miss me ~ =D NOT. Super tired looo ~ I was trying to help Dadee to type the declaration form but I'm making a mess ==" just after a few lines ..

Dadee: You better stay back and I'll show you later. You think very easy is it from the way I type? You know each form costs me 5cents? *bla bla bla bla blaaaaaaa*

Awww ~ I'm so in love with Lai Ming Wei x) he ain't handsome but his voice is!! HAHA!

By the way, if anyone of you wants to buy FASHIONABLE CLOTHESS ~ check it out at my friend's blog: CuppyCake Fashion House. Am I going to buy it? Of course I will, provided if I got money and I'm already LOOKING at some of the clothes =) But to be honest, I'M BROKE!! If anyone of you is nice enough to buy it for me ~ I'll accept it as belated b'day pressy, or belated V'day or advanced X'mas or advanced b'day!! =D (Dream on Sye Lih ==")

Okay ~ Imma start to tell you ALLLL about my trip. This post gonna be SUPER DUPER UBER LONG XD ..

*** *** *** *** ***

DAY 1: Journey to the 'West'

It's only 9.43pm but I'm already on the hotel's bed with Mamee! She's sleeping now and I'm not. So by the time you read this post, it should few days later .. like .. Sunday or Monday? This stupid hotel doesn't have Wi-Fi BUT they do have internet downstairs .. ONLY ONE DESKTOP. RM1 every 10 minutes. I forgot to bring my pendrive though ~ if not, after finished writing all these shits on lappie I'll save it into the pendrive and off I pergi online. Shitttt ~

I so the miss my Wi-Fi at home ='(

I woke up at around 6.15am, very tired lo! But we left the house at 8.30am ==" When we reached the first traffic light at Tutong, we saw those tank cars from MOD and four of them! But, due to the fact that I'm using a camera phone & quite near to it, I couldn't have four of them in the picture. Limteh at Tutong, each of us had one panggang. Very the nice la!! I suka it very much. The kopitiam's facing the river .. And it isn't for Muslims (No offence!). But ~ still got Muslims visit the place, so I guess it's okay? & guess what? My mum's awake now and reading mag ==" She told me that the kopitiam's name is 'Tao Yuan'. It's well-known for its pulut panggang. So MUST try okay? =D

What if .. someone have this as wedding car?

After limteh, The Journey to the West starts! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

To Temburong yoo ~

My god ~ very the tired la!! Even worse, I'M SURE I'LL BE FAT WHEN I'M BACK!! On the way, other than listening to iPod, all I do is EAT, EAT & EAT! T__T I took quite a lot of scenery pics (& also yours truly) coz I was really bored. I wish I have a digicam though, so the pics would be clearer. At Temburong's immigration, I went to the toilet & push the door lightly ~ coz I don't know the 'design' of the toilet. Lols. Suddenly, *SPLASH*


Malay Auntie: Tunggu aa tunggu.
Me: Okay okay, sorry aa!

*wait wait wait then Auntie came out*

Me: Err, sorry aa..
Malay Auntie: Tak apala! Aku takut tutup pintu wa!!
Me: * smile + ==" *

Chibai, lock the door wa!!! I thought got people washing toilet lagi. Apuhhhh ~~

Lots and lots of pretty green fields & sceneries along the way =D Only a part is spoiled, with the polluting gases 'puffing' out. Pfft! Some more bumpy & rocky roads till Lawas. It's kinda like Miri but it isn't as hot & crowded as Miri is. When I was taking a pic at the town from the place I'm sitting, suddenly a bug flies to our table & I FREAKED OUT!! Lucky that I didn't scream .. only 'reverse' and lift up my arms like as if cops asked me to do so =="

Good for the eyes.

This part super SPOIL la!


Stopped at Papar to pee and bought vanilla ice-cream to fresh myself up.


Reached the outskirt of KK at 3plus, just the time as Mamee estimated. God, it's so hard to find parking at the hotel's area 'coz the parkings are free. But Mamee helped Dadee to 'book' a parking lot 'coz a lady from the hotel was about to leave. Haha! Showered and rest a bit in our own room then went to the Bakut-Teh kopitiam to have our dinner. VERY THE YUMMY YUMMY AA THE BAKUT TEHH!! And this is my first time eating it ^^

Looking at Bakut Teh ..

Me: AWW ~ I tak sampai hati to eat the Bakut Teh .. coz it's Syafiq!
Mamee: *laugh*

To Fiq: SEEEE ~ I MISS U AA!! Even when I'm soooooooooo far away from you!!!! XD

I just LOVE Fiq's sense of humour. No offence okie ker aii Fiq Fiq?? I know you love me lots! x)

Other than Fiq Bakut Teh, we had prawns, pig legs, tofu, salted veggie(VERY NICE!!), veggie & this absolutely-must-eat FISHBALL!! Super 'bouncy' & it has lil bit of pork inside *slurps*

Yummy yummy, I know =P

SEE!! Got meat inside the fishball =D

OMFG, I'M GONNA BE MORE THAN FAT!! And I'm seeing pimples on my chin and forehead AGAIN!! Boo hoo ~ I want Wal'Co!!

Night =)

Tomorrow morning we'll be going to 'Shen San'(God Mountain??) I'm looking forward to the cool atmosphere ~ =D

(P/S: It's Ladies' Night now at the pub downstairs =( I wish I could go!)

*** *** *** *** ***

Day 2: Kundasang.

We're at Perkasa Hotel now =D All the rooms here don't have air-con coz the air-con is from the nature. Just open ur windows wide and AHHH ~ there you go! Ada mosquitoes net laa ~ no worries =P

We had buffet breakfast and I ATE A LOT LAA!! I'm like a pig ==" I saw lotsa condoms at 7-11 XD and I kept on telling my mum the names of it and she ISN'T LISTENING TO ME! CCB aa that auntieee ~ I talked so much and yet she's so busy finding her changes and totally ignored me & the chasier kept on looking at me. Ji dan ta!!

Along the way to Kundasang, I took LOTS of pictures, even at KK town. But this couple WAS in my masjid picture!! SPOIL-NYAAAAA ~ !!

We stopped by at this tourist's area where lotsaaaaaaa stuffs to look at We went up the tower first though, my legs really kinda shaky when I was going up. Super afraid of heights la me!!! I kept on wanting to hold something then when I was holding to the big pole ..

Mamee: Wah, you dare to hold on to that pole aa?? Later got people korek their 'emas' from their nose and put it there then you know ~

See the Vios?=P

When we got down, my mum and me bought some bracelets, necklaces and a colourful punya kain for me! I can't wait to try it on >w<
Mamee: EH! How come you're here Mei??
Me: WHAT??


Mamee: How come now you're here??
Me: =="

It's quite sunny but the wind is cool ~ After that, drive some more. Then Perkasa Hotel, I much prefer Pine Resort though. But it's fully booked coz it's peak season =( If next time you guys wanna stay on the hill (shouldn't be MOUNTAIN XD), really should book Pine Resort! 'Coz almost all their chalets can see the SUPER NICE view of Mt. Kinabalu, provided that you wake up early morning to get clear view of it x) I remember when we came here and stayed there, me and my siblings kept on going to the lil pet area to see the bunnies =D CUTE LA!! Anyways, Perkasa has Wi-Fi at the lobby area ~ but .. I wanna upload pics as well. SO ~ this will be posted when I get home =P


After check-in, we went to Ranau for lunch & the Poring Offspring Hotspring, walked around and drink a bit then left the place. We didn't get to go to see the waterfall coz my uncle's foot is swollen. Then we went to see the Rafflesia. CCB, ALMOST DIE ALREADY!! PFFFT ~ Still want us to pay RM15 lagi!! But, some other kind of plants are there as well, so .. NVM THEN. There're MAGIC PINEAPPLE, FENG SHUI TREE & orchids and some medicinal trees. Took pics of different stages of Rafflesia as well xD


Nice, no? ;)

My RM5.50 pink slippers from Ranau

Looks like poppy flower to me xD

Paradise Bird.

The 'eye' of the hotspring.

Hotspring pools.

Below lines are made up by me:
Uncle: ADOI, everything in M'sia cheap cheap!!
Dadee: ADOI, why the prices are so unreasonable?? STRESS AA ~

The dying Rafflesia. =="

The 'MAGIC' Pineapple.

Nah, some cow poopoo for you guys to see.

The room here is bigger and we got flat screen TV!! This flat screen steady ehh ~ the buttons on it are sensor punya one!! God, I sound like kampung girl =="

Stuffs we bought earlier =D

Now, I wanna rest. I'M OUT! XD

Buffet dinner ~ buffet dinnerrrr ~ *slurps*


Dadee took this during the evening =D
FYI, it's Mt.Kinabalu with no clouds.

God ~ just finished arranging all my pics in the lappie ==" took an hour to do so.

The dinner sucks a big time b'coz:
1) I left my bloody plug at the previous hotel and I can't use my straightener.
2) There's no buffet because got some bloody function with musics and kids shouting. Fuck them!
3) My dad very the cb. I didn't know there's another dishes coming so I moved one of the dishes to the middle then he marah me. WTF?? Like as if I was with them when they were ordering the food. PFFFTT!!

And without my plug, I couldn't recharge my handphone!! Lucky that I brought my hp's cable so I could recharge it with the laptop =="

But after the dinner, my parents and I went to the Heritage Spa in the hotel =D SUANG DAOO ~!! Me and Dadee had the Directive/Spot Massage(RM30 for 20min) & Mamee had the Soothing Massage(RM90 for 60mins). But Dadee had another foot massage lo!! Kimak himmm ~ he had it for 30mins which costs RM35. I took few pics of the place ~ or their deco ==" with my dad's china hp so the quality sucks XD

Anyways ~ the massage is GOOD ~~ !! My very first time. I have to undress, leaving only my underwear. I was in the same room as Mamee and when my masseur was trying to adjust the towel underneath me, I had to get up a bit WITH NOTHING OVERING MY BOOBIES .. and I think the masseurs saw my boobies, complete with my .. YOU KNOW. PAISEH LA OKAYYYYYY!!

My masseuse is kinda tomboy so ~ I was kinda worry(for she might fall for my beauty, AHEM.) especially when she climb on to my back!! I FREAK OUT!! It felt like she wants to rape me or something. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Another thing about her is .. she kept on burping ==" GOD! But I feel r-e-l-a-x after that ya know ~ kinda 'geli' during the process x) She pressed onto my ASS and it HURTS A LOT!!! MAKU AAAA !!! And when she massaging my lower back, I almost farted! HAHAHA! Lucky I didn't, if not, she'll faint! XD

I wish I have the foot massage too =( Mamee said hers was good too. Her massuese even massage her facial and her head & she almost felt asleep & snore. So her!

Anyways ~ gotta pack my stuffs a bit and sleep. Tomorrow, SURE GOT BUFFET BREAKFAST!! XD And we're going to National Park I think .. and to pulau-s?? (Got enough time meh??)

*** *** *** *** ***

Day 3: Sutera Harbour.

Mamee woke me up early morning again ==" And this time it's 6PLUS AM!! ARGHH!! She heard me saying that I wanna take clear pics of Mt. Kinabalu so she woke me up but until we went outside, the clouds are already covering the peaks =( LIKE I EXPECTED OKAY!! To get a clear view of the peaks, you gotta wake up at around 5am and that's the latest time I think .. Well, I took some pictures of the flowers though .. My beauty sleep T_________T


See?! Vain-ness is in the blood!

We went to the National Park and lotsa hikers (am I right?) are there. VERY COLD LO OKAY!! Got rain also ==" Long sleeves and leggings DO NOT help at all!! You know what? The tree below ~ in China, they only have ONE. While in KK, hundreds (or maybe thousand? XD) are found in KK. These trees are the so called dinosaur-trees. They do look like the ones in the movie, don't they? ;) Off to KK after that =D

Silly parents =)

We had our lunch at this Kedai Kopi Wan Wan and it's absolutely delicious & HALAL!! They made their own mee & meehoon if I'm not mistaken and their fish are FRESH!! My uncle said that this lunch was the mosttttt delicious meal he has in KK. And it's seriously cheap!! Hmm ~ I think the fish soup only costs around RM27?? Sorry, I'm forgetful =P But trust me, you'll LOVE the fish soup!! My mum told me that the last time she came her with dad and their friends, 2 samseng boys were trying to memeras ugut the tauke.

Tauke: If you wanna sit here and eat only, I can lanja you. But you all don't 'ojipala' here! Money I don't have, I got one big parang la!!

WAH SEH!! MAN DAO TA!!!!!!! When I look at the tauke, he doesn't look that garang. Tsk tsk tsk, once again, looks are deceving XD

Back to Daya Kinabalu Hotel, With bigger and better room & also a better bathroom!! Rest for an hour or so then we went to Sutera Habour.



Dadee & Mamee saw him high-tea there & I was SOOOO SHY to ask him to photograph with me!!! I can't even speak Canton properly, Dadee did everything for me (A) A lady asked my dad to take picture with us as well but he rejected it by saying he paiseh and old liao. MUAHAHAHAHA! I know he said so 'coz I don't want him in my picture xD Before taking pics, I ACCIDENTALLY PULL OUT MY BIG LOOP EARRING!! Shit laa ~ PAISEH SHI AA!! I can't even put my earring back so I decided to take off the other one. HAHAHAHAHA!!

BUT HOOO ~ when I noticed he was leaving ~ HE WAS HOLDING THE LADY'S WAIST!! YES, THE LADY I MENTIONED EARLIER!! IT'S SOOOO OBVIOUS LO!! HE HAS A GIRLFRIEND!! *pling plang* Maybe that's why she wants my dad to be in the picture ~ HMPF! Okay, that's stupid. Anyways, I tried to get a picture of them SOOOOO CLOSE TOGETHER but failed coz he looked back a bit ==" Mamee even saw them KISS KISS OKAY!! No French-kiss, sorry to disappoint you! XD

My parents said my blog's gonna be famous for this ==" Coz the paparazzi will come and ask me about what I saw and this and that ==" DREAM ON LA YOU TWOO!! Maybe those HK paparazzi already know laaa ~ !! Anywayss ~ we all high-tea at there as well, yummy yummy! But altogether, it costs RM110. Pengsan when I see the bill. HAHAHA!

Looks like those spa flowers .. agree? =P

Then we went to the shopping malls at 1 Borneo. I got myself a nice racerback top and a pair of slippers at FOS. The top is SUPER CHEAP LO!! Only RM7 le!! Where can you find such nice top with that price?!?!?! Lota nice tees but sighsssss ~ me bo lui. I know my mum has but .. she didn't even ask me to choose, MEANS CANNOT LO. She still got me something soooo IT'S OKAY. I MEANT IT.

At the 2nd mall we went to, NIKE SALES! FROM 30% OR 20% UP TO 70%!!! Can you believe that?!?! I really like one of the bags ='( But Mamee wouldn't let me get it =( The usual price is RM159 and after 40% discount, it's only RM95!!! I WANT THAT SMALL BAG!! I WANTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was really pissed at that moment >=( Where can you get such nice price NIKE BAG in Brunei?! Only BND40plus le!!!! ISHHH!!


OKAY, I admit I'm kinda spoiled. JUST KINDA!! Then to Popular and got one of my fave authors book!! Adeline Yen Mah's Falling Leaves ~ If you've read Chinese Cinderella, then you should know her. If you haven't, TRY TO GET ONE NOW!!

We had nasi lemak as dinner, it's quite nice lo. And today's dinner is the cheapest meal of the trip XD


My parents and me went to the Merdaka which is opposite to our hotel. I got a black tee for RM25, lens solution for RM16.90 AND A BIG YELLOW BAG FOR RM32.90!!

Muahahahahaha ~ !! When we're leaving the plaza, we passed by this boutique and went in to check it out. Dadee even picked a purple top (he knows I love purple & it only costs RM16.90) and said if I want he'll buy it for me. If I was 14 or 15 again, maybe I'll accept that XD I saw another purple top ..

Me: Dadee, there also got a purple top ma!
Dadee: Expensive one!!
Me: How much o? You check the price already meh??
Dadee: Haven't. But I'm sure it is.
Me: 'cuseeeeeee ~ how much is the purple top?
Cashier: Which one? *check* It's RM33.90
Dadee: See, told ya! Everything I see and suka, sure cheap cheap. But you, all expensive.

I wanted to get a smaller bag which is more colourful BUT ALMOST FAINTED when I saw it's price, RM45.90!! I know it isn't REALLY EXPENSIVE ~ but if you were in my shoes, maybe you'll understand. Then ..

Me: Dadee, can I have the bag? *smile sweetly*
Dadee: *smile* Ha?? Hehehe, you ask your Mamee la! *looks at Mamee* Laopo, can buy or not? *still smiling*
Mamee: I don't know. Anything lo! *looks at me* You like then can liao lo!
Me: *looks at Dadee* Dadeeee ~~ can or not ~~ ?
Dadee: *korek wallet* How much aa??
Me: 32.90!!! *evil laugh .. IN MY HEART*
Cashier: Thank you.
Me: *looks at Dadee* Thank youuu ~~ *quickly took the bag*
Cashier & anothr girl: *laughs*

In between those chatty moments, Dadee got talk with the Cashier. Maybe because the Cashier is quite sui so he happy? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! DON'T CARE!! I GOT THE BAG!! I saw a nice peach-coloured cardigan at the boutique too!!! But don't dare to buy, sudah banyak barang nii ~

S0 overall, this trip I got:
Souveniers from Tourist's Area - around RM40
A pair of lauya pink slippers - RM5.50
A racerback top - RM7
A pair of NICE slippers - RM20
Book - RM30
Lens solution - RM11 + RM 16.90
Black tee - RM25
Bag - RM32.90
Total: RM188.30


Well ~ it's not for free okay ~ I have to work like a slave *sniff* Like earlier when he's in our room, he asked me to make coffee for him and mum said I spent a lot so I go do the coffee for him (Dadee asked her to do actually) And when his coffee is made ..

Dadee: Hahahahaha! Since when I become Lau Ye aa?? Laopo, she's calling me Lau Ye!

(Lau Ye means 'Sir' in Mandarin, in a servant-master way.)

I gotta help Dadee to do his stock declaration form and wash their master bedroom's toilet. WHY IS THIS HAPPENING TO MEEEEEEE ~ ! Okay, every girl is a Drama Queen. Let me be one once in a damn while x) Actually I wanted to help Dadee to type those forms coz whenever he has to do that, he always do till 4am or 5am ==" Then wakes up at 6am and go to Sg.Tujuh!! GILA EHH ~ Since I'm not working, I help him do all those typing for a few free sessions then he has to pay me afterward =)


HE SAID HE'LL PAY ME IF I HELP TO DO THAT!!! Plus, I'm gonna stay home all day long, it's better if I help him to do some of his work and he go tidor & it's something I get to learn while I'm having holidays ~

TO MY SIBLINGS: If any of you get to read this, don't be jealous of me yo ~ you guys don't have to work for the stuffs they got you .. AND I HAVE TO! So don't do silly complains!

ANYONEE ~ if you need some part-time AMAH or TYPING, CALL ME!! Gee, I don't know if I'm serious or what. HAHAHAHAHA! I didn't get to buy any soveniers for my babes ==" PAISEH AA SAPO, DARLINGS, GIRLS!! Next time okie? =D

Back to Brunei tomorrow morning! And I very the confirm got buffet breakfast tomorrow morning!! I miss my bed x(

(P/S: I hear KARAOKE DOWNSTAIRS!!! & we don't have time to go to the islands.)

*** *** *** *** ****


I do till mau juling liao my eyes @_@ I'm starting to wonder if anyone will get sick in the middle of this post ..

(P/S: SHUAI GE AT GOSSIP QUEENS!! XD The pics from trip will be uploaded to my facebook =D)