I'm LOVING it =D

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Well well welll ~ the oh-so-fabulous-Nikki is here! =D

Now I'm at my dearest Laopo's place =) Finally WE have internet to use .. not 'Thank God', it's 'Thank Alish' !! Lol!

She told me that she'll be back on the 20th but in the end, she suprised me by coming back on the 19th and meet me with Ish on the 20th =D Super suprise lo okayy!! I was SO HIGH when I see her =D Muahahahaha. I finally get to be with her in KL. It's been ages since we talked about it =)

And .. OMFG, so many lengzais and lengluis loooo!!!! *faints*

(P/S: Actually .. more lengzais *wink*)

Why can't I be here with Lieslie and San? WHY OH WHY??????????

At the moment, I'm so si beh lazy to post up the pics of our trip .. I'll ony post some pics when I do. I won't throw air muka of 'some people'. Haha! And videos too!!! =D I'll definitely post of stupid videos up =)

The last night (19th July) with Beng they all, we had dinner at Planet Hollywood. Sounds so fly ehh? *kambang laugh* Anyways, it's really cool there. No worries blog readers, pics will be post when I'm not lazy =] Heh!

Okay .. now Imma start on my 'pre-U holidays' that started on 20th noon time =P

First of all, Ish .. DAMN TALL. Anyways, he's a _____-ass. (It's blank 'coz it changes from time to time) LOL!

And his car .. without his silencer on, AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! MY LOVEEEE!! NOISSYYY!!!!!! I LOIVEEEE ~ *love* Siok ehhh ~ !! He's funny, friendly .. Wait, should be 'TALL, DARK AND HANDSOME'. HAHA!! He taught me a lot of stuffs .. regarding 'bout almost everything .. Kinky? NOT!! Haha! Funny stuffs nia ~ =P

Reached Desaria .. OMFGOMFGOMFGOMFGOMFG!! Si beh BIG looooooooooooooooooooooooo!!! I mean .. I think it's like the size of Kpg. Cina that big? I may be wrong but whatever, it's just B-I-G !!

And there's a swimming pool ~ and the first hottie I saw there, *faints* Fardin!! He's friendly, handsome, cute and nice =D And topless *eyebrow* HAHA! I so gotta take picture with him .. and of course some other new people I met ..

Just in case Ish is reading this, WE GOTTA TAKE PICTURE ALRIGHT? =P

And I met Ish's girlfriend, Junice .. a friendly girl =D Easy to talk to too =) That's the kind of girl I suka. Not to forget Eyor =D Quiet but friendly too =) I don't really know how to spell his name though .. but never mind. Heh!

Ish and Laopo brought me to Sunway Pyramid, IOI and 1 Utama =D Asia cafe, Old Town and more are coming up x) We'll be going to Genting tonight. YAY!! And Imma meet a new friend this afternoon with Laopo and Ish, Beryl =D I just can't wait to meet more and more new people XD

Oh myyy .. I just realised this post is so disorganised! Where's the skill of writing essay I learn from GP lesson huh?

And Lieslie's room .. HEN XIANG ~ !! =D

Her bed .. comfy comfy!! So siok sleeping on her bed =) It's been a LONG while since I sleep with her .. Okay, that sounds so WRONG! You guys should know what I REALLY meant right? Not the senget one?

Gosh, I'm like blabbering .. =="

Anyways, we watched movies over at Ish & Eyor's place, The Love Guru and Undiscovered.

Overall, I'm having a G-R-E-A-T & F-A-B time over here ..

But ~

I still miss Bum.

Until here people .. MISS ME!

(P/S: I look so flyyy right now and I got a lot of stuffs from my deary Laopo. Hahaha!!)

(P/P/S: You all gotta check my pictures carefully when I do post my pictures .. HAHA!)

almost lost.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Finally in KL!!

Now I'm at Beng's uncle's condo, accompanying to take his stuffs and we'll back to our hotel and rest. This condo is cool 'coz it has a swimming pool and we shall check it out realllll soooonnnn ~ !! Muahahaha!

Anyways, woke up at 5-ish to get ready and pack my backpack and stuffs into the luggage. I've been sleeping most of the journey, in flight and bus. Very tired la hoo ~ esp. that I slept at 3plus =="

Lucky that I didn't get me and Gabby lost in airport. We were kinda lost finding the place selling the bloody sky bus ticket. Lols. In the end, I found that we could buy it in the bus. Doink.

Okay, I'm having problem typing 'coz the keyboard very cacat. Can't upload any pictures now but will do when I can =)

Oh yea ..


Dadee checked my name from the name list in UBD and yea ~ I got the letter. Yay! No more worries and I will try to enjoy, like I promised Bum and friends ~

Jun and Gabby went to Pudu Raya (spelling?) to buy his bus ticket back to S'pore and they'll check the tickets to Genting and now just waiting for Fung's arrival .. and the others too. And Fiq will be joining us TOMORROW NIGHT. WTH.

So heh, tonight ~ I don't know what's the plan but we'll just go with the flow ~ might be going out for sisha =D Only RM12 le!! Si beh cheap.

I guess that's it for now =D Don't know when's the next time that I'll get to blog .. but yea, let's see.


KL 'o8

Around 7 hours more ~


at last ..

with excitement .. but also with a very, very heavy heart of not wanting to leave 'you' here ..

remember what you promised alright?
I'll be back really soon ..

wait for me ..

sorry, baby.

Monday, July 14, 2008

The outing to Bandar was good. I saw Soon Ket at The Mall.

My mind got carried away by stuffs ~ so I was in deep thoughts.

Anyways, we went to The Mall to watch Hell Boy and guys, you really gotta watch it. It's worth it, for me. San wanted to watch Wanted but the time doesn't suit us so nay to that movie. Before that, we went to Unitech to buy DVDs and I'm gonna watch it later. To brighten up myself.

I must say that this argument with this particular special person of mine, was/is biggggg. And I never know things would go that way .. so outta hands. And till now, I only come to realise that, my old, bad temper seems to be coming back to me. Real bad.

The talking wasn't that good 'coz I was damnn speechless until the last minute .. or the last few minutes. My voice even became loud. So, yea ~ I shall learn how to control my temper from now on (again) and hopefully it won't get ahead of me again like this time ..

God, I pray that You'll help me to get through this anger management of mine.

I've once heard this saying .. something like this:

"How can you feel happy if you don't know how does it feel to be sad?"

(it's a saying right? Or is it say? ==")

This argument will be a lesson I learn and hopefully, hand-in-hand,we'll make through it and it makes me appreciate more .....

A song for that someone ..

The Reason - Hoobastank

The Reason - Hoobastank

I'm not a perfect person
There's many things I wish I didn't do
But I continue learning
I never meant to do those things to you
And so I have to say before I go
That I just want you to know

I've found out a reason for me
To change who I used to be
A reason to start over new
and the reason is you

I'm sorry that I hurt you
**It's something I must live with everyday
And all the pain I put you through
I wish that I could take it all away
And be the one who catches all your tears
That's why i need you to hear

I've found out a reason for me
To change who I used to be
A reason to start over new
and the reason is You

and the reason is You [x3]

I'm not a perfect person
I never meant to do those things to you
And so I have to say before I go
That I just want you to know

I've found out a reason for me
To change who I used to be
A reason to start over new
and the reason is you

I've found a reason to show
A side of me you didn't know
A reason for all that I do
And the reason is you

** Hurting you is definitely NOT something I must live with everyday.

Baby, I'm sorry .. .. ='(


Sunday, July 13, 2008

I didn't really 'blog' yesterday 'coz of the temper and mood I'm in. It's quite obvious.

So yesterday, I went to school again to do some stuffs and just stayed for an hour I think. After that me and San went to OGDC for a while and finally I can take pic of this ..

I saw it from Princess Nashwa's blog and I've been dyinggggg to try it out and at last ~ I did it! Thanks San for taking my pic =p

We went to Plaza a bit to do some shopping and eye-shopping then back home.

I didn't go to the beach in the end, 'coz nada perempuan okay! Not even one =.=" Plus no seats in the car, so I decided to stay home and relax and watch my Xing Guang DVDs that Mamee borrowed from her collegue. And I heard this song by one of the contestants ..

meiyouyanchouderizi.mp3 -

没有烟抽的日子 (mei you yen chou de ri zi)

没有烟抽的日子 没有烟抽的日子
mei you yen chou de ri zi mei you yen chou de ri zi
wo zhong bu zhai ni shen pang
er wo de xin li yi zhi yi ni wei wo de wei yi di
wei yi di yi fen xi wang
tian hei le lu wu fa yan xu dao li ming
wo de si nien yi tiao tiao pu zhai
na ge hui she xiao zhen de jie tou
ni men si fu bu tai xi huan mei you lan she de ge zhi fei xiang
shou li mei you yen na jiu hua yi gen huo chai ba
qu chou ni de wu nai
去抽那永远无法再来的一耧雨丝 喔~
qu chou na yong yuan wu fa zhai lai de yi lu yu shi woo ~
zhai ni xiang qi le wo hou
又没有抽烟的日子 喔~
you mei you chou yen de ri zi woo ~

(P/S: Above is the shorter version of the lyrics)
(P/P/S: The singer is Zhang Hui Mei I think, but it doesn't sound like her .. )
(P/P/P/S: Original singer is Zhang Yu Sheng.)

I think I saw the title of this song from Hui Xin's personal message last time. I think.

Yesterday, I have quite a super down time. I don't really know if it's all sorted out but I do need to talk .. I do. But when will I talk to that person and actually spend some quality time? It seems so impossible now, with works and stuffs all coming up. And I'm actually being really really emo last night at Beng's place.

Talking with friends (and I love you Laopo, San and Fiq *hugs*) helped me, but it isn't the solution ..

"Face the problems if you want the relationship to be strong.
Run away from it if you're a coward."

- Fiq.

There're a lot of quotes that Fiq told me and I find it really good, but I just couldn't remember the others. Sowee. I'll try to remember next time. And our conversation ..

Fiq: Try to think positively SyeLih..
Me: How to think positive when everything is so negative?

Fiq: Then think about happy stuffs. Like our KL 'o8.

That guy ~ so sleepy liao but yet still listen and talk to me =') And also comfort me ..

Thanks Fiq, you know I love you muchomucho.

But you know what? The spoilest part is he kept on talking 'bout my pimples ==" Dude, very spoil!

So we hanged out at Beng's place until around 3am? I didn't get to drink much 'coz I need to drive. The gathering should have start at around 9 but I was waiting for Xueli and at the same time, Beng fell asleep!! WTH. We're waiting outside his gate then Fiq thought I was some stalker 'coz he didn't recognise my car plate =="

Everything started at 12plus. But it's still good I guess ~ as long as we had fun. There're me, Xueli, Beng, Kok How, Fiq and Haz only, YuYu and Gabby already went home before everything started. Such a small gathering.

When I reached home, I was physically and emotionally tired that I didn't take off my make-up and fell asleep. I slept till 6plus in the morning I think. I woke up to change my clothes and sleep again. Till 10plus. Chatted with Lieslie and now blogging.

Gotta reply messages in cbox. I didn't get to reply some of it and to link some bloggers. Sorry!

About UBD, I decided to take in Nonnie's suggestion and will definitely call 'em up.

Thanks a lot Nonnie! =D

I'm going to BSB later with Minn Yeei and San.

And now I pray .. everything will be okay soon.


Saturday, July 12, 2008



PISSED .. ..

PISSED .. .. ..

PISSED .. .. .. ..

PISSED .. .. .. .. ...





Friday, July 11, 2008

Guessss what? =D


Oh yea, it's 11.37pm right now. Everyone's going to sleep and I baru wake up. I have this bloody headache since morning and I'm trying to make the headache go away by resting and not eating any panadols. But at 3plus in the afternoon, I gave up!

After 2 panadols, I sleep like a baby and I was suppose to accompany Mamee to do some shopping but in the end I 'put her aeroplane'. I'm good, I know.

So this morning I went to school for two extra classes. One of the classes (==") .. like almost half of the class didn't attend! They thought it was a remedial class, like, NOOO ~ The timetable didn't write "(Rem)" looo ~ so it's a normal class. But ahh ~ never mind.

And I sawww the new Chem teacher and it's a 'HE'. This is like the first time I see a male chemistry teacher in school. So anywayssss ~ about this new teacher .. he looks like the kind of teacher you can bully 'coz you know .. he's soft-spoken.


Am I using the right words???? Ahh blaa ~ F it. HAHA. I know I shouldn't say him but I just can't help it. But maybe he got some tricks in his sleeves, I don't know. Whatever =P

I was at home after school and I've finished my L Word Season 5! Yay! And I'm sooooo waiting for Season 6 which I heard it's the last season *sniff sniff* No more Shane after that ='(

Anyways, today (it's 12.31am now) afternoon, we'll be hitting the beach! YAY!!! I can't waitttt ~ gotta pack some stuffs in the morning and early morning .. probably around 8ish, me and Beng and the others will be going to school. We never get sick of school, seriously. Lols!

Lastly ..


Me and Mel have been waiting and some said their website ada name list .. MY A$$! Ishhhh!! Tired of waiting mann ~ some more next week I'll be flying to KL okayyyy ~ I'm afraid the call or letter comes when I'm away and everything will not be done you know ~ !! F!!!!

Now I'm kinda worry ..


Okay, I better shower and probably grab some food. Hungry!

Toodlesss! =D

too little time ..

Thursday, July 10, 2008

I'm so f-ing tired but I still wanna blog and at the same time, I wanna watch L Word. Girls are indecisive .. sometimes. See, I'm blogging here. This means that I wanna update and I've made my decision, right right right? =D Haha!

By the way, I'm watching the last disc of L Word Season 5 =P

So, I promised you pictures. I give you pictures.

First of all, I want to post a pic from practical. I find that they all like to mix allll the different solution to see the colour change. Like we used to do. So, they got this neon yellow colour .. it's different from the pic though =="

One or two of the girls mixed the solution and small smoke was produced. WTH girls! Lols.

Near the end of my practical, I got a message from my BENG. But I was so tired to drive down to KB to meet him plus I gotta photocopy some stuffs.

So, I was driving in town with San beside me, looking for a bloody car park. After a round or two, I look at the rearview mirror and saw this guy who wore this nice shades giving me this 'what-chu-looking-at' face (he has a friend sitting beside him) and he was like following me!!!

I gave up to find parking near Seria Plaza so I went to bus-stop and that pyscho is still following me!!! O.O" Then when I look carefully, it's that a-hole BENG and Haz sitting beside him =="


Lil Jade got her dental appointment and took out TWO teeth! OMFG, you soooo don't want to see her teeth!! It's so f-ing decay .. or rosak, whatever! Actually I took some pictures of it, but I don't think you wanna see it. So yea, better save it for myself.

Last night I FINALLY get to see Beng and Haz properly. We met at OGDC first and Bum met me there too =) Me, San, Beng and Fiq went to WYWY to yamcha. Bum went to meet her friends. BUMMER! XP


We kept on talking and laughing mann ~ Until 12am baru we leave the place. Beng was tired that in the end, it was me who drove us back to Seria. I'm fine with that .. 'coz I finally get to drive a freaking SWIFT! YAY! =P

'Bout school?

It's good and fine, everything's okay. Except yesterday when I got super pissed when this boy in one of my classes just wouldn't sit his ass properly on the chair then I asked him to stand up. But not for long laa ~ eventhough I said 'whole period' which ended up .. about 10-15minutes? I don't remember, probably less than that. Too soft-hearted.

Anyways ~ ~ TODAY I WAS LATE!!

10 minutes late to my classss!! Hopefully my students won't be angry. But they are soooo cuteeee ~ they asked me to take picture with them before the class ends =D Gonna post it when I got the pictures. Heh!

I went to the assembly hall during my break time to check out the Geography projects that the students from Form1, 2 and 3 did.


It's soooo good man! Back in my days, I've never do that kind of stuffs. Took LOTSA pics =D

Form 1 - Hand-made Weather Instrument

The project No.14, was done by Jia Yau and his classmates. Not bad eh, except for the urm .. W and E =="

Form 2 - Recycling

Form 3 - Geographical Landscapes

And this piece of project ~ is really special =D Done by 3 boys from Form 3B.

See that? They have small guppies in it! Haha! And coins .. like a wishing well. Lols!

That's almost all of the project and I've made my vote =)

Tomorrow morning I got some bloody extra classes and I seriously don't know what to do! Argh! I wanna sleeeepp! But, it's my last day tomorrow. Sighs. Gonna miss them =(

Tut tut tut! Stop with the emo-ness and sad-ness.

I'll be flying off to KL with homies soon! Si beh exciteddddd ~ !! x) I kinda miss Fung now but she's in Bangkok now. Hmm ~

This Saturday will be heading to Tutong Beach with kawans! =D

Tralalala ~ sandy beach ~ here we comeee ~
Sexy girls are coming to you ~
So as sexy boyss ~

Please ignore me =]

tired =="

Monday, July 07, 2008

So Saturday I went to Empire with San and his bro and some of his friends to watch Hancock.

The movie is all funny and good at the start but the ending .. Blaaa ~ boring ==" I even met Lieslie and Jun and his family there and also Krystal =D

Anyways, San lend me P.S. I Love You. I got teary eyes from that movie. *sniff sniff*

Gerry's hot ~ *melts*


Anywayss ~ Sunday Sunday Sunday ~ what did I do? OH YESS ~ !

Last minute pergi RTB sama Willy, Steph and Leng. I only had 10-15minutes to prepare myself then offffff we go! Waited for them for a while then we went to Unitech and I got The L Word Season 5. Yay! Darrrnnnnn happy 'bout it and I am TOTALLY, TOTALLY IN LOVE with Shane McCutcheon !! *scream*

I k-eh-nort resist her!!! *faints*

Yes, she's a girl. So what? She's effing HOT.

Okay, I'm kinda carried away ~ =p

After Unitech, went to Batu Bersurat to see my Bummy for a while and I sawwww ~ Ranoaddidas =D And his biggggoooo cam! I'm soooo gonna get one of those some day =) Well .. maybe not too big ..

We went back to Seria after that and yea .. long day.Tiring =.=

And today ~ back to school. But I got no Monday blues =p

I'm tired but got all energetic when I went into the classes. Had 2 classes in the morning .. and taught my Form 4 Science 'bout Molar Volume =D

I feeeelllll sssoooooo pprroouuudddd ~ 'coz I never really thought 'bout teaching before! Other than teaching my siblings la ..

Wen Jack and Zhe Ting came back =) They two and the usual others came to visit the school(again) and we talked and laughed. Ahh ~ I miss our class =')

And guess what? I had pratical in the afternoon. It all went well.. except when it's the boys' turn ==" But ~ I guess overall everything's okay.

*pick up call*

Cousin Xi Hao just dropped by my house and we talked talked talked. Gosh, I miss him! We're going out on Wednesday =D

I think I'm down with a flu at the moment .. and getting more and more sleepy ~

And too tired to upload any pictures x(

Okay, I'm gonna stop here before I blab 'bout weird stuffs =="

(P/S: I promise there'll be pictures the next post =p)


Saturday, July 05, 2008

I went to school at 10plus in the morning to meet Teck Lee for the preparation of the Chemistry practical this coming Monday. It's been a while since I enter that lab. Oh my oh my ~ memoriessss ~ =D

Anyways ~ Teck Lee was there with me to help me and tell me what to do and this and that and helped me to prepare all the stuffs and solutions.


Argh! I almost faint when I was near to the ammonia ==" It kinda 'sting' my eyes as well. But overall everything's okay. The preparation wasn't really that hard 'coz that dude has already caculated everything and I'm like ke-leh-feh. LOLS! I only POUR the distilled water into the bottles and clean clean and helped to prepare the solution niaa ~ (A)


The solution I helped to prepare *jibang*

Copper sulphate, nitric acid, HCl etc.. *faints*

Bling-bling =p

Anyways ~ after we put back all the stuffs and everything, we all went home.

Oh yea, a friend made this strawberry lemon cheesecake! =D Very delicious ~ And yess, he made it himself! Let me use Minna's phrase: "I SALUTE HIM!" Lols!

I had the cake already *slurps* Still got the tart but kinda tak sampai hati to eat it x) I think in the afternoon, I can't resist the temptation and eat it up ...

I was checking my friendster just now and got lotsa 'MISS CHIA' kinda testimonials ==" HAHA! Anyways ~ I was replying YingYing's testimo and her profile song .. OMG, SO NICE!! Terus go download the song and cari the lyrics. Haha! Gotta let Fung and others listen to this song !

POSTED BY MAO LEE I wanted you - Ina

I Wanted You - Ina

Lately I've been thinking about what I can do
I've been stressing to fall back in love with you
I'm so sorry that I couldn't follow through
But I can't go on this way. I've got to stop it babe
You've been wonderful in all that you can be
But it hurts when you say that you understand me
So believe me. I, I am sorry, I, I am sorry, I, I

I wanted you to be there when I fall
I wanted you to see me through it all
I wanted you to be the one I lvoed
I wanted you, I wanted you
I wanted you to hold me in my sleep
I wanted you to show me what I need
I wanted you to know just how down deep
I wanted you, I wanted you

I've been pushing hard to open up the door
Trying to take us back to where we were before
But I'm done. I just can't do this anymore
'Cause we can't be mended, so let's stop pretending now
We've been walking around in circles for some time
And I think we should head for the finish line
So believe me. I, I am sorry, I, I am sorry, I, I

I wanted you to be there when I fall
I wanted you to see me through it all
I wanted you to be the one I lvoed
I wanted you, I wanted you
I wanted you to hold me in my sleep
I wanted you to show me what I need
I wanted you to know just how down deep
I wanted you, I wanted you

I, I... I'm so sorry baby
But I, I... I gotta pack up and leave
But I, I'll always remember how we came close
... to being how I wanted to be
I wanted you baby
I wanted you

I wanted you to be there when I fall
I wanted you to see me through it all
I wanted you to be the one I lvoed
I wanted you, I wanted you
I wanted you to hold me in my sleep
I wanted you to show me what I need
I wanted you to know just how down deep
I wanted you, I wanted you

It's kinda sad though ~ but still, it's a nice song =)

Enjoy the song =D

my guardian angel.

Friday, July 04, 2008

Friday blue .. I really have Friday blue.

I always forget that almost every Friday Jade has her dancing practice at school and I'm the one who have to send her to school. Sucks a bigggg time. Plus, today I woke up with a bloody headache. I'm really prone to headaches ==" So I'm used to taking panadols AND I know it's bad .. but I just can't tolerate the pain!

When I picked her up from the dancing practice, I saw Giselle *LOVE* So cute laa her ~ and she remembers me!! =D

I almost forgot to blog about the kimchi mee that Bum bought for me and I've received another parcel from Edward =D This time he gave me the Temasek's brochures and a pink bunny toy and 17 mag!! I loive 17 mag mucho muchooo ~

Look at the magazine cover .. did you realise that it's Ashlee Simpson? I didn't realise it's her until I saw her name on the cover o.O Looks more like the over-diet Jessica Simpson. Lols! PURELY MY OPINION OKAYY ~ I like Ashlee but at the same time, I hate her because she's Pete's wife.


Haha!And the kimchi mee isn't the brand that I used to eat but this one is GOOD too! *slurps* Just had it this noon time. Heh! I video-ed the bunny to let you guys to see how it .. 'jumps'? Lols! I accidentally video-ed my voice into it .. I said "Die." when it was knocked down. Lols.

And Ding bought me a packet of Jelly Beans!!! All the wayyyy from Aussie .. 'Hello mate!' Lols!Ahh ~ I love Jelly Beans! And this Jelly Bean is BIGGER!! I saw the jelly beans from Stella's blog and also from Soon Lee but kinda reluctant to try .. 'coz last time I made a very very weird taste by simply mixing it x( But .. I'll try again, maybe.

*half way of blogging .. went out to do some errand for Dadee*


Lazy to story, kena lecture also .. tired jor. *sniff sniff*

Yesterday when I woke up from my nap, my bedroom lights failed to be switched on ==" KNN. So I used my mum's table lamp, lucky that it's bright enough. And my room is si beh messy at the moment, with clothes, books and textbooks all over the place ..

Yes, messy messy messy. But I'll clean up the rubbish soon after I post this blog.

Last night's bball match was quite interesting, and CCMS won BSB's CHMS =D Even if it's by one point but still, WINNER! After that, me and San went to OGDC for a while ~ then to my place. Gosh, I was SOOOOO TIRED!! I fell asleep while he's using my lappie. But I'm still able to send him homeee ~ then bla bla bla, dreamie land.

About me teaching .. I find that many people are suprised to hear that I'm teaching, even if it's as a substitute teacher. Lols! Why oh why peopleeee? Just because I have this wild look or because I don't look seriousssss? But I think I look si beh garang le when I'm in class, although in the end I can't help but laugh along with the students =D

Maybe I should take teaching as a career next time, I love kids alot =D But I think I'm gonna work out the teaching part .. Hmm hmmmm ~

I'll miss all of them when I'm going to leave ..

Anyhooossss ~ yesterday when I was chatting with Laopo(through Skype), I saw her personal message and asked her if it's Your Guardian Angel, 'coz at the same time, I wanted to blog about the song but I don't have enough time.

BAM!! It is that song, we're soooo connected =D No matter how long we didn't chat or see each other because of we gotta do our stuffs, we still have this special special strong bond, like a covalent bond, i.e. hard to be broken.


Minna said that she didn't see picture of me and Lez. Nahhh ~ here it is! Just got it from Lez few days ago =p

Anyways, Your Guardian Angel by Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, my faveeeee!!

I've been download loads of songs lately .. the old ones. Like Ashlee Simpson's and Black Eyed Pea's and also Fergie's. I'll definitely post it up one by one *winks*

At the moment, enjoy this =)

Your Guardian Angel - The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

Your Guardian Angel -- The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

When I see your smile
Tears roll down my face I can't replace
And now that I'm strong I have figured out
How this world turns cold and it breaks through my soul
And I know I'll find deep inside me I can be the one

I will never let you fall (let you fall)
I'll stand up with you forever
I'll be there for you through it all (through it all)
Even if saving you sends me to heaven

It's okay. It's okay. It's okay.
Seasons are changing
And waves are crashing
And stars are falling all for us
Days grow longer and nights grow shorter
I can show you I'll be the one

I will never let you fall (let you fall)
I'll stand up with you forever
I'll be there for you through it all (through it all)
Even if saving you sends me to heaven

Cuz you're my, you're my, my, my true love, my whole heart
Please don't throw that away
Cuz I'm here for you
Please don't walk away and
Please tell me you'll stay woah, stay woah

Use me as you will
Pull my strings just for a thrill
And I know I'll be okay
Though my skies are turning gray

I will never let you fall
I'll stand up with you forever
I'll be there for you through it all
Even if saving you sends me to heaven
[to fade]

*too lazy to upload my own to my imeem so decided to use others =p*

*sniffing around*

I smell delicious cake/cakes/cupcakes! *slurps*