Sunday, June 14, 2009

I know there are a lot of shopping websites on there right now but I'm still gonna let you know this ONE that's really different in a VERY IMPORTANT way .. (well, at least in my opinion.)

More clothes?

Yea there are more clothes but that's not my point ..

More choices?

HEY! What makes this question different from the previous one huh??

Okay, I'll stop playing this ask-and-answer game with myself. It is actually ..



If you don't believe it, why don't you click on the picture below and check it out yourself?

To know how to order their clothes and get updates from them, please click HERE.

I find that they have more choices of bags and accessories for girls and those are things that I SUPER DUPER love =D

And oh .. more couple tees for you love birds!

Go on and click on the links right now to satisfied your needs and wants right now! =D

(P/S: I emphasise on the fact that it is MY OPINION that I think their stocks are cheaper.)

going under.

Mission No.2 accomplished and very successful!! =D

I LOVE Jun's reaction .. Tee Heeeeeee! Who doesn't love suprises can come see me and lemme lecture you =P

Well .. Laopo came back today to suprised Jun so me and Dan went to pick her up at the airport and Dan went home then we two girls went to Jollibee and yadi-yadi-da ~

I LOVE this part at Jun's place ..

(P/S: Auntie was really suprised to Laopo but she closed her mouth to stop herself to shout ^^)
(P/P/S: Laopo went to hide in the kitchen.)

*knock door then push his door*

Me: *saw Jun's eyes shut tight tight* Err .. what are you doing????
Jun: *open one eye* Praying hard??
Me: Ohh .. I have something to find you ..
Jun: *walked past me* Yea whatever .. where is she??
Me: HUH?! Who she??
Jun: I know she's somewhere .. *opened his fron door and stands outside* I smell something here .. she must be here somewhere!

*Auntie was laughing at the back 'coz Laopo was behind him when he was standing at the door*

Me: You sure it's in front??? *grinning*
Jun: Hmm .. *turned back and saw Laopo --> O.O --> =D --> ran to her --> hug her and carry her back into the room*

Very romantic right???? But I was standing in the living room. TMD!


But it's all good =D This is really funnnnnn!! HEHE!

So anyways .. I randomly found this video in Youtube ..

You told me we were just friends
You said words I cannot comprehend
I'm thinkin' of what to say to change your mind
Maybe it's just a waste of time
You asked me to understand
But I just can't

I'm going under
& I can hardly breathe
So help me up out of this cold water
& Let me get used to you & me
Just friends
Just friends

I don't wanna be less than
I just want all or nothin'
We made it so far into the light
We fell
Where are we now?

I'm going under
& I can hardly breathe
So help me up out of this cold water
& Let me get used to you & me
Just friends
Just friends
Just friends
Just friends

Now we're down
& I can't scream or shout 'cause I know
We're through
Yeah it's hard but I can try to get over you

I'm going under
& I can hardly breathe
So help me up
Out of this cold water
& Let me get used to you & me

& I'm going under
& I can hardly breathe

Her voice is nice no?? =D The song she's singing was written by her.

Okay la, back to report .. ONE LAST ONE!


driving myself insane.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Danny came down to Seria to help me with my reports =D

Thank You BB! =D

I've got the nicest reports ever and I'll start using his format from now on. Why? 'Coz all of it looks super nice now =D I'm not that stress BUT I'm kinda like stressing over the last part, i.e. the 'Discussion & Conclusion' part. I usually put both together 'coz I know that I'm bad in doing conclusion so I might as well combine both together =D

I think a lot of my Dadee's ink would be wasted especially on the leaf litter report 'coz a lot of pictures were taken. Oh my. Enough ink ka?!

Better be enough ink OR ELSE ..

Alright, back to reports some more .. so I could rest earlier and start to do packing .. like tomorrow at least?

BKK, I'm coming!

my happy ending.

Friday, June 12, 2009

I'm tired from my report 'coz I gotta rush all of it before Sunday ..

Latest is Sunday afternoon =(


Sighs. But I still gotta do it .. I don't want to bring my work to Bangkok! Unless .. well, I cancel my trip and forget about my tickets ..

I'm officially on stress mode. I hate.

Far, far away ..

Bukit Patoi Field Trip ~ 1st - 6th June 2009

Sunday, June 07, 2009

1st June 2009

I woke up realllllyyy early (sleepover at QJ's place the night before) and Danny sent me to campus. He even made me breakfast and Milo =) I know ~ sweet right? HEHE!

Pandi and me looked so happy early in the morning =D
I was tired actually =S

Our luggage.
Mine was sent to Temburong earlier =p

At the jetty camwhoring =D

In the boat and all of us used the life jacket.

I was really realllllyyyy tired and like normal human beings would do .. I nap for a bit ..


People took advantage of me, Husrin and Pei Fen =______=|||

Arrived Bangar around 9a.m. (I think) and settled our luggage and rest for a bit before a briefing by Dr. Charles.

Pose while reading the handout! XD

We went to Bukit Patoi and Dr. Charles did the briefing and BB taught us the way to set up the traps. I think I can set up a nice mouse trap now =D HEHE! My group (4th group) and the 3rd group went to an abandoned paddy field to set our traps. Mannn, that place! Seriouslyyyy disturbed!

Pei Fen took the chance to vain after setting up her trap.

We went back to Bukit Patoi again. Me and my group mates went upppppp to the kerangas forest site to get the leaf litter (we collected the mixed dipterocarp forest's also known as MDF, before that =p). Lucky that I did some hiking during the semester and I'm not defeated by that 1200m height!

Steep stairs ..

.. and more!
I think there were 7 stairs of these, long and short ones.

Yes, me and Billah posed ^^

I was SOOOO happy to see this sign ..

and this Batu Berdinding sign!
'Coz Dr. Charles told us that after this wall,
it'll be the kerangas forest.

A few more steps to kerangas forest =D

We're here! XD

After collecting our precious leaf litter,
we took pictures before we leave.
Look at our lovely Husrin =)

Back to our accomodation, we're soooo EXHAUSTED! There ain't a lot of time to rest 'coz we gotta set up our Tullgren funnel and do our handsorting. Looking for lead litter invertebrates. It sounds easy but it doesn't 'coz we need to look through every single piece of leaf properly ..

2nd June 2009

Woke up VERY early again 'coz we need to 'catch the moment'. HAHA! Well nahh, we need to do bird STUDY (emphasised by Dr. Charles).

Look at the nice mist =D

I look all pro with the binoculars =D

We went to Bukit Patoi to check our trap and unfortunately (or fortunately) we got 1 mammal trap per site (another one at the forest).

"Hello Sundamys muelleri!"

We got time to rest at the accomodation and here comes one of our very famous quote by Pei Fen.


She went into the guys' room and disturbed their really nice sleep by saying that to e-v-e-r-y-o-n-e of them =) GOOD JOB CHABO! From that moment, everyone uses that to tease her XD

At night, I joined the elective topic by Dr. Charles, Night Watch. We went up a hill with forest at both sides and used torch light to flash the trees to get some reflection (animal's eyes). I saw fireflies! =D

A group picture before we call it a night =)

3rd June 2009

Prof. Mohd's topic is on forest profile and I volunteered to do the kerangas site =D This project isn't that fun due to a girl but oh well .. I guess everywhere has a Miss-Knows-It-All.

'Blue flower' - can only be found in Bukit Patoi.
I know, it's purple right ~

The below pictures have something funny to me .. I wonder if y'all is as yellow-minded as me =) HE-HE-HE!

First pic by Pandi.
The first thing I noticed is ..
Well .. that looks-like-a-dick-root.

Bornean Flat Nose Pit Viper - Trimeresurus borneonsis

Two of these appeared but I think the other one is female
'coz it ain't as pretty as this ^^

The BIGGEST millipede I've ever seen.

Few of us stayed back after the whole forest profile thing just to hike some more till the summit of Bukit Patoi =D Just extra 400m more .. Worth it I must say!

Top (L - R) : Wan - Pandi - Ummi - Barak - Teeqah - Pei Fen - Me
Bottom : Zhai & Rawi

Hello to Prof. Mohd!

On the FARRRR right is Lawas =D

Batu Tergangam =)

Night time we joined Dr. Lane's Bat Trapping Demo.
He showed us the echolocation demo as well =)

4th June 2009

A topic that I think all of us are really excited about .. Stream Ecosystem =D We just wanna get down into the river and have fun =D Our site is reallllyyyy deep! The deepest depth is around 110cm.

Juvenille ikan billis.
And I thought I caught some invertebrates =_="

Pond skater and we got lots of 'em!



Vaining when we're back.

Husrin's lover.

5th June 2009

We did a lot of identifying and counting on this. Dr. Marshall helped us to identified some. His topic is on the leaf litter collection. Our eyes went all crossed-eyes and dizzy. Well, I must say that I didn't do a lot and I'm SO SORRY to my group mates. I guess I was tired plus I don't really feel well. I even nap in the evening =_="

I only did a bit but I did learn to identify some =) We've got a lot compared to other groups and Imma show you some. All are under compound microscope.

Chilopoda (MDF)

Diptera larvae (MDF)

Termite (MDF)

Ant (Kerangas)
Huge eh??

Arachnida (Kerangas)

Chilopoda (Kerangas)

Collembola (Kerangas)

Lepidoptera (Kerangas)

Protura (Kerangas)

This is the slide that I mounted! =D

If you get to see this bruise urself ..
I think it looks like a pussy shape, that's all =)

6th June 2009

The day we all can't wait but also the day we don't really wanna go. We did our presentation from 10a.m. till 12p.m. Lunch then off we're back to home =)

Compared with the first day.
Less people wore the life jacket =D

Pictures are from lecturers, senior volunteers and clasmates =D

I seriously need to get a camera .. x) That's all I can say about my trip. I would love to be a senior volunteer next year if I ain't busy =) HEHE!

But booo this trip 'coz we gotta do 4 freaking reports .. SIGHS! I gotta work on my reports FAST 'coz I'm going to Thailand soon .. ARGH!

(P/S: I don't know why one sentence is blue and underline. I'm lazy to change.)

*edited* --> Learned this from Nadia! XD

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