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Monday, December 29, 2008

Last night when I was blogging, my relatives from Aussie arrived.

My uncle and auntie have 3 daughters and the youngest one is just ADORABLE!!

After my dad tapao noodles and wantan from the mee stall for them, the lil girl was saying 'mian mian!' (which means noodle) to me and I was SO DEFEATED BY HER CUTE-NESS!!


That's all I can say when she's cute and today I managed to snap some shots of her before they go to KB to visit my aunt's parents =D

Her name is Zhi Lih by the way. I'm not sure of the exact spelling and I don't know if she got any english name =p The eldest is Chui Lih and second is Xuan Lih.

Another relatives from Aussie are arriving on the 6th Jan and my uncle and auntie told us that my cousins (2 boys) are quite tall. The eldest one is playing for the state's basketball team. I wonder how do they look like now 'coz they were VERY VERY cute when still lil boys =D

I took the pictures when she's outside playing with the eye mask =D

And I can't never let the chance of taking pic with her slip away just like that! Even if the way I smile is a bit weird .. -___-"

I don't feel really well at the moment ~

I'll be in dreamland soon .. see you guys there!

You're already a voice inside my head.