officially sick.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

I am now officially SICK.

I have bloody flu, sorethroat & cough. DAMMIT!

I did another spring cleaning, my room this time =D I wiped everything ~ imagine all the dust around me tadi ==" I re-arranged my clothes and gave away the clothes that don't suit me anymore and changed the bed sheet and Imma do some decorations on the wall with pictures! =D Might cut out some magazines stuffs .. my room is pretty boring ya know ~

Anyways, I'm very statisfied with my room right now ^^

While cleaning my stuffs, I found this ..

Sweet ey? Hehe!

.. and this thing came out of no where.

It was alive actually. I think I suffocated it as I used a plastic cover to trap it. I was thinking of a way to torture it after I'm done with the cleaning but I didn't expect my cleaning to end at 1a.m.

Yes, it ended at 1a.m. & I start cleaning at ..around 4p.m. I think. And yes, I'm a meanie 'coz I wanted to torture it!

I just had some meds, sooner or later I'll be blaaaa and need to sleep badly.

We all shall meet in dreamland!

Nights =D