what is love.

Saturday, August 01, 2009

Just reached home from KB with Fung and it's been a while since a proper hangout with her and Fiq. Too bad G's too tired to hangout =(

I'm pretty tired right now 'coz I woke up early to pack my stuffs and drove to UBD and cleaning the damn room myself for an hour. Damn I'm tiredddddddd!

I miss my UBD friends and I can't waitttttt to seeeeee them!! ♥

Okay .. I'll stop here. Need to clean up my room a bit, maybe will watch How I Met Your Mother for a bit and rest ..

Before I really end this post .. just to tell you guys who MIGHT be interested, Imma sell some clothes that I no longer wear and some accessories at si beh cheap price. Well, you know, one man's treasure is one man's junk. I don't even know if that phrase is right .. Anyhoooo, good night people! ^^

I think I'm ready ..