♥ Shimmering Eyes ♥

Monday, August 10, 2009

I know that they are several blogs that sell Geo lens and you have nooooo idea at all that if they really came from Korea or some factory that you do not know AT ALL right?

This blog that I'm going to introduce here is known as Shimmering Eyes =D

Q: What's the difference of this blog with the others?
A: It ensures that your product is GENUINE by keying in the serial number on the lens bottle to its own Anti-Fake website.

If you want to double check, you can click on the picture above, it'll lead u to the Anti-Fake web page ^^

Does that not make you feel more safe to wear the lens that you ordered? ;)

I'm not going to post any samples of Geo lens here, you gotta check them out for yourself to see how pretty those lens and how crazy they are! Just in case you want to know, the second batch of pre-order has started! It's from 09.08 - 16.08 and other than that ..

Price slashed: $3.00 rebate on each item!! ^^ Buy more n Get more discounts!! TQ~ ^^ (* free lens cases for each n every pair u buy) ^^