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Friday, August 28, 2009

Yesterday's practical for BI 2209 is kinda cool.


'Coz we're having fun with blood .. I mean real blood. Human blood. Actually, it's not really fun, kinda boring 'coz we have to wait and compare and wait and compare and more of those.

And that's not my handwriting! That's Pei Fen's paper XD

The practical could have ended more quickly but ~ I guess we weren't thinking hard enough. Oh well ~

Anyways, when I was sending Mel back to her place .. I saw this FULL RAINBOW like the one Xiaxue blogged here! I was soooo excited when I saw it, I even stopped at the road side just to take a nice picture of it .. or pictures.

Obviously, I combined 2 pics together. NICE KAN ~~ XD

Alright, I gotta do some studying now.


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